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Benedict Cumberbatch & Jake Gyllenhaal Teaming For ‘Rio’ From ‘Patrick Melrose’ Director

Fresh off the Emmy-nominated success with the series “Patrick Melrose,” director Ed Berger and star Benedict Cumberbatch and decided to reteam for a new film, and they’re bringing along a little-known actor named Jake Gyllenhaal along for the ride, according to a new report from Deadline. “Rio” tells the story of two friends, who meet […]

Isabelle Huppert Terrorizes Chloë Grace Moretz In First Clip From Neil Jordan’s TIFF Film ‘Greta’

Isabelle Huppert is a proven acting powerhouse. With incredible roles in dozens of films, including her recent award-winning work in “Elle,” Huppert is without a doubt, one of the best in the world. And in the new film “Greta,” which premieres at the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival (read our review), she gets to play […]

Controversial Filmmaker Roman Polanski To Begin Work On His Next Film With Star Jean Dujardin Attached

When talking about the ever-growing #MeToo movement, there have been some big names in the entertainment industry that have been seen as the poster children for everything wrong with Hollywood. Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, and Woody Allen seem to always be brought up in those discussions. Joining those men has also been Roman Polanski. However, […]

Netflix’s ‘Iron Fist’: The Supporting Cast Steals The Show In The Greatly Improved Season 2 [Review]

When Marvel first announced that “Iron Fist” would be joining Netflix’s growing slate of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) original television series with Scott Buck as showrunner, comic book fans and casual MCU viewers alike anticipated something pleasantly different than the typically dark, brooding character iterations already established. Indeed, audiences saw a show with an entirely […]

‘Fistful Of Dirt’: Sebastián Silva’s Latest Is A Post-Hurricane Maria Tragic Fable [Telluride Review]

Known for an affinity of making uncomfortable, challenging provocations about alienation, class, and privilege, ever since 2009’s critically acclaimed, “The Maid,” Hollywood stars like Kristen Wiig, Micheal Cera, Juno Temple, and Emily Browning, have lined up to work with Chilean filmmaker Sebastián Silva. The Brooklyn-based writer/director, who tends to work at a quick clip, already […]

‘Camping’ Trailer: Jennifer Garner & David Tennant Experience A Crazy Birthday Camping Trip

As the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant has had to deal with many a catastrophe. The question is, did his traveling through time and space with his companions prepare him for a camping trip with control-freak Jennifer Garner? Our guess is probably not. In the trailer for HBO‘s series “Camping,” Jennifer Garner’s controlling Kathryn has carefully planned […]

New Clips From ‘A Star Is Born’ Highlight Incredible Chemistry And The Amazing Supporting Cast

Bradley Cooper‘s directorial debut, “A Star Is Born,” is already being called an early frontrunner for major awards this coming season. Premiering at the Venice Film Festival to wide acclaim, critics suggest that the talented pair not only live up to the hype but also mold a natural, engrossing chemistry on screen. READ MORE: Bradley Cooper’s ‘A Star […]

‘The Predator’ Is An Enjoyable Popcorn Flick With The Undeniable Shane Black Flair [TIFF Review]

Back in 1987, nobody could have anticipated the impact of “Predator” on moviegoers. The ‘80s were a revolving door of ultra-violent hyper-masculine action films (even ones featuring the era’s biggest action star, Arnold Schwarzenegger). But “Predator” rose above most of the pack, and exploded in popularity, fueling spin-off movies, video games, and comic books. Despite […]

‘Beach Bum’ R-Rated Trailer: Matthew McConaughey Goes On Permanent Spring Break With Harmony Korine

Spraaaaaang break forever, biiiiiiittttchheeeeesssss! Were enfante terrible director Harmony Korine and Matthew McConaughey born to collaborate together on “The Beach Bum”? After all, McConaughey quintessentialized the idea of the laidback, carefree, maturity-arrested beach bum for a large chunk of his early ab-and-smiles career before he tore off on that McConaissance creative jag from 2011-2014 working […]

‘Greta’: Isabelle Huppert Gives Her Fans What They Want [Toronto Review]

TORONTO – Isabelle Huppert doesn’t make films in the English language that often, but when she does it’s always a treat for her legion of non-French speaking fans. There is a cult that worship at the altar of the iconic actress and, hey, you can’t blame them. Few can captivate the screen without saying a […]