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Game of Thrones: The Best Moments of ‘The Bells’

The following contains spoilers for Game of Thrones’ penultimate episode, “The Bells.” Remember back when people were complaining about not enough characters dying in “The Long Night”? Well, congratulations friends, “The Bells” heard your request. How do you like them apples? Cersei Lannister met her end on Mother’s Day, much like her father did on […]

Predicting What Will Happen in The ‘Game of Thrones’ Finale

This article was co-written with Meg Shields. So, first up, let’s whip through a status update on how we did the last time. First of all, the answer to our biggest question, “who’s gonna kill Cersei?” ended up being “poor structural support.” A letdown? Yes. But anyway, moving on: unlike Jon Snow, we ultimately did […]

Shot by Shot with the ‘IT: Chapter 2’ Trailer

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been anticipating Andy Muschietti’s adaptation of the second half of Stephen King’s IT pretty much since the credits rolled on the battered but hopeful Loser’s Club in September 2017. We still have a few more months until IT: Chapter 2’s September 6th release, but luckily that gives us plenty […]

Double Take: ‘The House That Jack Built’

Double Take is a series where Anna Swanson and Meg Shields sit down and yell at each other about the controversial, uncomfortable, and contentious corners of cinema. And they don’t come much more contentious than ‘The House That Jack Built,’ Lars von Trier’s most recent, and arguably most divisive cinematic offering. For the record, the […]

25 Perfect Shots From the Past 25 Years of Cannes

Cinematographic artists gravitate toward one another, so it should come as no surprise that the festival loaded with the most directorial auteurs flaunts a rich history of perfect shots from some of the medium’s all-time greatest cinematographers. The Cannes Film Festival is coming up on its 72nd year and the official lineup hearkens back to […]

Game of Thrones: The Ending of ‘The Bells’ Explained

Game of Thrones has always been known for its brutal episode 9’s. Since we only have six episodes this season, episode five “The Bells” is this year’s equivalent, and it was by far the most brutal and tragic one yet. But where does this leave us going into the final episode next week? As always, […]

The Baddest and Raddest Moms of Horror

From Mama to mother! to the oft-forgotten Mom, no two horror movie matriarchs are born alike. Some may be cannibalistic like in Bob Balaban’s cult masterpiece Parents or classically psycho like Kathleen Turner in John Waters’ Serial Mom, but we love them all the same. For this list curated by your very own Boo Crew, Rob […]

Watch ‘Detective Pikachu,’ Then Watch These Movies

Despite catering to a niche audience, Pokémon: Detective Pikachu is going to be seen by a very large set of moviegoers this weekend. Some of them are going to want to learn more about the Pokémon franchise, maybe check out those animated features from 20 years ago. Others may be intrigued by the story and […]

10 Great Life Lessons From TV Moms

On television, as in real life, there are many different kinds of moms. Some moms are funny (like I Love Lucy‘s eponymous Lucy Ricardo), others are experts at work-life balance (like The Cosby Show‘s Clair Huxtable); some talk to you like a best friend (such as Gilmore Girls Lorelai Gilmore), while others are less traditional (like […]

The Dazzling Mess of ‘Detective Pikachu’

The following is an in-depth review of Detective Pikachu, including plot details that some may consider to be spoilers. This is a very fluffy warning. You go see a movie called Pokémon: Detective Pikachu to see Pokémon. Just as you go see a movie called Transformers to see Transformers. Toy and game franchises with a […]