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Netflix’s ‘Big Mouth’ Season 2 Adds Gina Rodriguez & David Thewlis to the Shame Spiral

One of the most unabashed, earnest, and hilarious explorations of the awkwardness of adolescence comes courtesy of the animated Netflix comedy series Big Mouth. Season 1 of Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg’s unapologetic revisit to their teenage years laid bare some of the deepest-held and most-embarrassing questions kids have during puberty and it did so in an outrageously […]

First ‘Boy Erased’ Images Reveal Joel Edgerton’s Gay Conversion Drama

Focus Features has released the first images from potential Oscar contender Boy Erased, an upcoming drama from director/writer/star Joel Edgerton. The film is based on Garrard Conley’s memoir of the same name which chronicles his experience as a gay teenager who is sent to a conversion therapy program when he’s outed to his religious parents. Manchester […]

‘Solo’ Cast and Filmmakers on the Project’s Origins, the Director Change, and More

From director Ron Howard and screenwriters Lawrence & Jonathan Kasdan, Solo: A Star Wars Story delves into the past of the beloved, iconic character Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) to take audiences on an adventure, deep into the dark and dangerous criminal underworld. Through a series of daring escapades, fans will get to learn about the […]

First Promo Posters for ‘Dark Phoenix’, the ‘Jumanji’ Sequel and ‘Men in Black’ Arrive

The marketing machine for a trio of mega movie projects is ramping up this week as the Licensing Expo kicks off today in Las Vegas. Expect a lot of news for movies coming out in the next year or so, like say promo posters for 20th Century Fox’s Dark Phoenix arriving on February 14, 2019, as well as […]

‘The Terror’ Finale: A Masterful Season Delivers a Haunting, Emotional End

Spoiler warning for The Terror finale, “We Are Gone.” After the first few episodes of AMC’s The Terror, it might be easy to point to the bear-like Tuunbaq as the cause of all of the Erebus and Terror’s problems. But by the end, one wonders, did we even need the Tuunbaq in this queasy tale […]

‘Deadpool 2’: How an Actor Who Was Nearly Cable Ended Up with an Unforgettable Cameo

Spoilers for Deadpool 2 follow below.  [complextv contentid=”5b042cf247bd3e7a7df6702a”] – Leave it to the Deadpool franchise to waste the biggest movie stars in the world. Indeed, if you’ve seen Deadpool 2 you may or may not know that Brad Pitt and Matt Damon have cameos in the film—one is insanely brief, and another has the actor […]

Exclusive ‘Humans’ Season 3 Featurette Explores the Fallout from Synth Singularity

There’s a great TV series about humans and the humanoid robots who exist to serve them, and the moment those robots begin to gain their own consciousness and seek to rebel against their captors. No, it’s not Westworld (though that is good), it’s AMC’s Humans. The British series’ first season is a small-scale and intimate exploration […]

Charlize Theron to Play Megyn Kelly in Annapurna’s Fox News Movie

Well it was inevitable I suppose—it’s time for the Fox News Movie, apparently. Deadline reports that Charlize Theron will portray news anchor Megyn Kelly in Annapurna Pictures’ untitled film about the women working at the Fox News Channel, and the sexual harassment they experienced at the hands of chairman Roger Ailes, who resigned in disgrace […]

David Leitch Says the ‘Deadpool 2’ Blu-ray Could Have 20 Minutes of Deleted Scenes

60+ Things to Know About ‘The Predator’

A day on the set of The Predator is peppered with heavy gunfire. First a warning – plug your ears or put in a pair of foam earplugs — then loud clack clack clack. It’s not interminable. There are breaks, cut, and then director Shane Black’s voice chimes over a loudspeaker as he works with his actors. But it’s never […]