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June 19, 2017

Twin Peaks: Part 7 Review & Discussion

Twin Peaks moves away from the disturbing darkness of last week’s installment for a lighter hour that puts one Dale Cooper on the run.

Since Twin Peaks has seen Agent Dale Cooper return from a quarter century in the Black Lodge, he’s been having a hard time getting back to his old self. It’s now episode 7 and Kyle MacLachlan has yet to play Dale as the man he was prior to entering the Black Lodge and being replaced by an evil doppelganger… and gambling debt-ridden insurance underwriter/physical construct created by Dark Dale, Dougie Jones. For the real Agent Dale Cooper, Dougie is something of a prison, a persona he’s trapped in so long as he remains only hazily aware who he is and what it is he’s doing. It’s not too far removed from the experience of the audience at this point either. Dougie is both a constant source of comic relief and a narrative obstacle seemed designed specifically to strain the audience’s patience as much as possible.

Last week, (vaguely panicked) theories began to emerge that The Return part of Twin Peaks: The Return meant watching 18 hours of Lynch slowly teasing the return of Agent Cooper to his former glory. Given how Lynch clearly isn’t interested in servicing some sense of Twin Peaks fandom or nostalgia with this new series, it’s not entirely unreasonable to think this theory might actually carry some weight. Then again, it’s worth arguing that Lynch and Mark Frost playing the sadly comic tale of Agent Cooper as Dougie Jones for far longer than most people are willing to put up with is Lynch devilishly playing to his viewers’ sense of nostalgia, and giving them precisely what they asked for, even if they didn’t know five hours (so far) of Kyle MacLachlan delivering a brilliantly expressionless performance was part of the bargain.

As with Dougie’s caffeinated adventures last week, there are more hints that the real Dale Cooper is slowly working his way back to the surface. While he remained only partially lucid as a trio of police detectives questioned him and Naomi Watts’ fierce Janey-E about Dougie’s missing (and now exploded) car, Cooper unleashed the Cobra when Ike “The Spike” Stadtler tried to kill him — or rather Dougie Jones.

We’re still collecting our thoughts and working on the review of Twin Peaks: Part 7. Feel free to begin a conversation in the comments section. We will have a full review soon.

Twin Peaks continues next Sunday with ‘Part 8’ @9pm on Showtime.

Photos: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

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