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January 12, 2017

The ‘Wonder Woman’ Villain Has a Name, But Still No Face

Wonder Woman hasn’t exactly been shying away from the press. Throughout its production we’ve gotten a bunch of official on-set photos. New footage has come out every few months. The trailers have shown off all kinds of cool scenes and set pieces. That said, one thing has been missing this entire time: a villain.

So far Wonder Woman has largely escaped the scrutiny of wondering who the big bad could be because, well, the villain kind of seems like all of mankind. It is after all a period piece set during World War I and follows the Amazonian warrior as she leaves her family behind to venture out into a war torn Europe. But now thanks to a French movie magazine, we know that Patty Jenkins’ movie indeed has a specific villain, and it’s none other than Ares, son of Zeus and God of War.

According to Les Toiles Heroiques’ set visit piece, Ares wants to get his hands on a deadly gas that can be used to wipe out all of humanity. The gas in question has already been revealed in the trailer (you can see it below, eating away at a gas mask), we just had no idea at the time that it was what the bad guy wanted to get his hands on. We also had no idea Ares was that particular bad guy. And we of course still have no idea who is actually playing Ares.

There are a few sinister looking men cast in the film. The most notable is Danny Huston, but he doesn’t exactly strike us as the son of Zeus type. So either he’s going to have a big transition late in the film, or the production has been hiding the real Ares from us the entire time.

Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2, 2017.

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