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June 8, 2018

The Week in Movie News: Jared Leto’s Solo Joker Movie Confirmed, Tons of New Trailers and More

Need a quick recap of the past week in movie news? Here are the highlights:



Jared Leto’s Joker goes solo: Oscar winner Jared Leto will reprise his Suicide Squad role as The Joker in a movie he’s also producing focused on the DC Comics villain. This will be a different movie than the Joker origin movie from producer Martin Scorsese. Read more here.



Val Kilmer joins the Top Gun sequel: We’d heard from Val Kilmer in the past that he’d be reprising his role as Iceman in Top Gun: Maverick, but we just received confirmation as the sequel began production this week. Read more here.



Ari Aster talks Heriditary sequel: We talked to Hereditary writer/director Ari Aster about his…
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