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January 11, 2017

The Gist Of ’24: Legacy’: “What Does It Mean To Be American?” Says EP Howard Gordon – TCA

“Jack Bauer cast a long shadow,” said 24: Legacy EP Howard Gordon about resurrecting the action TV franchise with a fresh leading man.

And in coming up with a new protagonist, Gordon said it was essential “to reverse engineer,” meaning creating one with different qualities “with the broadest possible strokes that distinguished him from Jack Bauer.” It’s a similar process that Gordon and his writers executed on Homeland in breaking Carrie Mathison, and solidifying that she’s completely distinct from Kiefer Sutherland’s Bauer. Eric Carter (Corey Hawkins), the new guy on 24: Legacy “has a youthful idealism that we haven’t seen in the show. Ultimately it’s his journey through CTU that turn him into an agent” says creator/EP Evan Katz.

“It wasn’t about let’s cast a black guy or a Hispanic guy,” said Gordon, “it was very much who is this character.” In 24: Legacy, Eric Carter has come from the battlefield, thrown into a world with grey areas unlike what he has ever experienced before.

“The headline of the show is: What does it mean to be American? As a black soldier coming from war? As (Miranda Otto’s Rebecca Ingram) a high-powered woman who runs CTU? As a Hispanic candidate running for president (Jimmy Smits)? What does it mean to be an American?,” added the 24: Legacy EP.

Said Hawkins, “In regards to diversity in the writers’ room, I remember we had long conversations about that, making sure our voice was in the writers’ room. We have black writers in the writers’ room, but more to the point, we have great writers in the writers’ room. We.went after writers who understood the vice, but at the same time, who also knew how to write for this genre.”

The actor adds, “In terms of the race question, we are a diverse people and this show is really a reflection of that as it has always been.”

24:Legacy premieres after the Super Bowl on Fox on Feb. 5 and will play out across 12 episodes.

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