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December 7, 2017

The 2017 DVD and Blu-ray Gift Guide

61 DVD and Blu-ray gifts that are perfect for the cinephile in your life this holiday season.

It feels like it’s barely been eleven months, but the Christmas season is upon us once again. It’s a time for bright colors, familiar music, and — hopefully — kindness towards the friends and strangers alike who share the air and the earth with us all. The best gift is simply to listen, care, and enjoy each other’s company, but in lieu of that, there’s always movies.

Hundred, if not thousands of titles came to home video this year, and while most aren’t worth the petroleum product they’re pressed on there are plenty well worth your time. By extension, that means they might also be worth the time of your loved ones. So keep reading for a look at the year’s best Blu-ray/DVD releases — and links to help you buy them from Amazon. (Just click on the image!)

Merry Christmas!

Red Dots

Criterion Collection

Criterion Being ThereCriterion Ghost WorldCriterion Good Morning
Criterion His Girl FridayCriterion Lost In AmericaCriterion Rebecca
Criterion The LureCriterion ElectionCriterion Personal Shopper

There’s a reason why film fans consider Criterion to be the preeminent home video label and put simply it comes down to the affection and care they put into each release. New titles arrive every month, and while some are recent films the most exciting releases offer new looks at older classics. These titles are some of their best from 2017 and sure to be loved by the movie lover in your life.

Red Dots

Arrow Video

Arrow Bird With Crystal PlumageArrow Dead Or AliveArrow Donnie DarkoArrow ReanimatorArrow RoninArrow Romero
Arrow The ApartmentArrow Jacques

Arrow is often referred to as the genre film answer to Criterion, but along with the sister label, Arrow Academy, they’re really just about bringing beloved movies to gorgeous, extras-filled Blu-rays.

Red Dots

Studio Ghibli

Ghibli ArriettyGhibli PorcoGhibli Nausicaa
Ghibli CastleGhibli HowlHibli Ponyo
Ghibli MononokeGhibli TotoroGhibli Kiki
Ghibli Spirited Away

Walt Disney / Pixar are the Studio Ghibli of North America, so why not go straight to the source? Ten of their most-loved films were re-issued onto shelves this year, and fans of smart, beautiful animation will want to own them all.

Red Dots

Box Sets

Box Fritz LangBox YearsBox Dc Universe
Box AmicusBox Speed RacerBox Batman Superman
Box Hitchcock

These box sets aren’t cheap, but can you really put a price on love? (You can. It’s $673.22, give or take a dollar.)

Red Dots

TV Shows

Tv Friday Night LightsTv Quantum LeapTv Rockford Files
Tv Twin PeaksTv WestworldTv Firefly

Depending on who you ask, television shows are the new movies. Yeah, that’s dumb, but labels are for chumps. However you categorize them, some killer shows from this year and decades past came to Blu-ray in 2017, and all of them are well worth a re-watch.

Red Dots

4K Ultra HD

K TransformersK TransformersK Transformers
K TransformersK TransMoonlight
K Cabin In The WoodsK Close EncountersK Dredd
K EtK Ex MachinaK Get Out
K John WickK John WickK Logan
K DunkirkK Wonder WomanBox Nolan

For the true home video enthusiast in your life — the ones who’ve already moved on from traditional Blu-ray to 4K Ultra HD — this year offered a ton of new and old releases onto this gorgeous new format. The nine titles above are among the absolute best, and all of them look stunning in 4K.

Red Dots

White Elephant

White ThingyWhite FrankensharkWhite The Assignment

Look, sometimes you’re stuck attending a white elephant party and tasked with finding something worthwhile for around $10. What’s a movie lover to do? Have no fear as any of the three above are guaranteed to be the most “stolen” item of the night.

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