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Posts tagged ‘movie reviews’

'Elle': The Story Behind Paul Verhoeven's Controversial New Movie

It starts loudly and violently, with a masked burglar bounding into a woman’s house, knocking her to the floor and raping her. The scene is brutal but swift; thankfully, it largely happens out of frame. When the same incident is later repeated onscreen a second time, it’s more explicit. This time, the woman – her […]

Joe Alwyn: Meet the Breakout Star of 'Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk'

How British actor Joe Alwyn went from drama-school student to star of ‘Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.’ Matt Hollyoak One week, Joe Alwyn was just another young man in drama classes at London’s Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, running scenes with his classmates, preparing a showcase for a potential agent … doing what […]

Watch Will Smith in Emotional 'Collateral Beauty' Trailer

Will Smith portrays a man trying to find his way back after a terrible tragedy in a new trailer for the David Frankel-directed upcoming drama Collateral Beauty. Smith’s character, Howard, is described as a brilliant New York advertising executive who isolates himself following the death of his young daughter. Though his friends try to reach […]

Watch Chilling Trailer for HBO's 'Beware the Slender Man' Documentary

The creepy story of the Slender Man stabbing unfolds in the trailer for HBO’s new documentary about the meme that inspired two Wisconsin pre-teens to murder their classmate. The Beware the Slender Man clip opens with a Blair Witch-style sequence. A camera flits around in a dark wooded area and a whispery voice recites a […]

Mars Attacks: Breaking Down 5 Types of Alien-Invasion Movies

Multiplexes across the country are going to be invaded this weekend by Arrival, a moving sci-fi drama starring Amy Adams as a linguist who helps the U.S. government communicate with mysterious visitors from another world. The film represents Hollywood’s latest attempt to speculate on what might happen if we’re ever actually contacted by extraterrestrials. Will […]

Watch Gorgeous First Trailer for Luc Besson's Space Epic 'Valerian'

Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne explore a stunning universe and battle aliens in the gorgeous new trailer for Luc Besson’s upcoming intergalactic opus, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. The two star as Valerian and Laureline, the titular characters of Pierre Christin’s comic series that Besson’s new film is based on. Soundtracked by […]

'Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk' Review: War Movie Trips Over Its Technology

Ang Lee is an artist – a true film innovator. So even when his reach exceeds his grasp, you can’t help cheering his effort. Such is the case with Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, an Iraq war movie that two-time Oscar winner Lee (Brokeback Mountain, Life of Pi) has chosen to shoot in 3D with […]

'Elle' Review: Paul Verhoeven Does Female Empowerment With a Perverse Twist

Director Paul Verhoeven, that eternal Dutch wild child (even though he’s 78), delivers a perverse kick whether his films are terrific (Spetters, Robocop, Black Book) or just terrific trash (Basic Instinct, Showgirls, Starship Troopers). His new surprise package, Elle, is a dark comedy about … rape. Like I said, the dude is a button pusher. […]

'Arrival' Review: Alien-Invasion Movie Is This Generation's 'Close Encounters'

Amy Adams is a miracle worker of an actress – she makes us believe in whoever and whatever she’s playing. In Arrival, a mesmerizing mindbender directed with searching mind and heart by the Quebec-born Denis Villeneuve, Adams plays a woman who talks to aliens. Or at least she wants to, desperately. She’s not crazy; she’s […]

How 'Doctor Strange' (and Marvel) Made Benedict Cumberbatch a Movie Star

Six months ago, you might have called Benedict Cumberbatch one of the most impressive actors of his generation, British division. You could have referred to him as an Oscar nominee; a Shakespearean thespian; a solid supporting presence in prestige films like 12 Years a Slave (to jog your memory: he was the one who was […]