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15 Aug

‘BlacKkKlansman’ Star John David Washington on Working With Spike Lee and Those ’70s Costumes [Interview]

John David Washington was just a shocked as you were when he learned about the story of a Black cop infiltrating the KKK. The actor is staring in BlacKkKlansman, directed by Spike Lee, which tells

‘Slender Man’ Reportedly Cut Several Major Scenes over Studio Backlash Fears

Be aware there are some light spoilers for Slender Man. If you saw Slender Man last weekend, you probably realized you were watching an incomplete movie. Scene transitions often made little sense (my favorite WTF

15 Aug

‘Star Wars Resistance’ Animated Series Won’t Have Dave Filoni Running the Ship

Star Wars Resistance is coming this fall to Disney XD. However, we still don’t know a whole lot about the series. So far we’ve only gotten a brief synopsis of the story and a small

15 Aug

The A.I. Uprising Begins as Tony Kaye Casts Robot as Lead in His Next Film ‘2nd Born’

The end is nigh. Humanity’s reign of terror is almost at an end. Let the robot revolution begin! American History X filmmaker Tony Kaye has found the lead for his next film, and here’s the thing:

15 Aug

Employee Picks: A David Cronenberg Masterpiece, a Pretty Good Tarantino Rip-Off, and Some Underrated Sam Peckinpah

(Welcome to Employee Picks, a series where Jacob Knight uses his day job expertise as a video store manager to recommend unique and often overlooked alternative options to the big movies hitting theaters and home video.)

Watch: Jordan Vogt-Roberts Shares an Update on His Hopeful ‘Metal Gear Solid’ Movie

For 31 days, filmmaker Jordan Vogt-Roberts has been celebrating all things Metal Gear. The celebration included a ton of concept art, inspirational pieces that were themselves inspired by the fan-favorite video game creation of Hideo Kojima, which

15 Aug

The Bruce Lee Comeback Continues

What’s the difference between replicating a Hollywood Icon and resurrecting him? Bruce Lee was and is still an icon. Not just a martial artist, not just an action hero, not just a philosopher. Bruce Lee’s

15 Aug

Instruments of Mass Persuasion: Fear and Media in Film

Media has changed less than you think since the 20th century. While browsing Twitter one night, I saw a trending story about a hijacked airplane from Seattle-Tacoma International. The hijacker’s communication with air traffic control

15 Aug

Live-Action ‘Aladdin’ Remake Gives Aladdin and Jasmine a New Duet, Along With a Whole New World of Original Songs

When we learned that La La Land and The Greatest Showman maestros Benj Pasek and Justin Paul were on board to pen new songs for Guy Ritchie‘s live-action remake of Aladdin, we knew were in for a whole new world

How ‘The Meg’ Made It to The Big Screen

After being in production hell for over 20 years, Steve Alten’s novel has finally seen the light of day. It is not unusual for a project to take a long time to get off the ground.