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Who Wants to Win Some Free ‘Isle of Dogs’ Limited Edition Action Figures?

Let’s get the most important thing out of the way first: I absolutely loved Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs. As a huge fan of his first stop-motion movie, Fantastic Mr. Fox, I wasn’t sure he could top

20 Apr

‘Mary Shelley’ Review: Elle Fanning Tries to Revive a Lifeless Biopic [Tribeca]

There’s an imaginative, hugely entertaining movie to be made out of that fated rainy summer day in Geneva that spawned some of the most pivotal horror novels in history. Mary Shelley is not that movie. The

20 Apr

Amazon Developing ‘Transhuman’ and ‘East of West’ TV Shows Based On Jonathan Hickman’s Comics

Amazon is continuing its streak of devoting serious resources to produce highly ambitious genre television shows. The company is now developing writer Jonathan Hickman‘s comics Transhuman and East of West into shows for its streaming service,

How ‘Atlanta: Robbin Season’ Has Become a Terrifying House of Horrors

From the very start of its second season, there was something palpably more tense, more surreal, and a little harsher about Atlanta: Robbin’ Season. Part of that came from the bursts of violence from actual

20 Apr

NYC Weekend Watch: Jiri Trnka, Anne Wiazemsky, Tsui Hark & More

Since any New York City cinephile has a nearly suffocating wealth of theatrical options, we figured it’d be best to compile some of the more worthwhile repertory showings into one handy list. Displayed below are

The Best Modern Musicals Have Been Overlooked

‘La La Land’ and ‘The Greatest Showman’ aren’t the only game in town. The Best Original Song Oscar at the 89th Academy Awards was always going to go to La La Land. Damien Chazelle’s third film had it

20 Apr

‘I Feel Pretty’ Stars Amy Schumer and Aidy Bryant on the Trailer Backlash and the Importance of a PG-13 Rating [Interview]

The latest vehicle starring Amy Schumer may appear on the surface to be a romantic comedy about an insecure woman who gets a blow to the head and suddenly sees herself as the most beautiful

‘Super Troopers 2′: Rob Lowe on How the Sequel Compares to the Original

It was a busy day on the Super Troopers 2 set back in 2016, as a whole host of extras prepared to fill out a party scene that was set to begin shooting. But amongst all

Guillermo del Toro to be the Walt Disney of DreamWorks Animation

For GDT, there is no rest for the wicked. Wasn’t Guillermo del Toro supposed to be taking a break? Having just won Best Director and Best Picture for The Shape of Water, the filmmaker had

20 Apr

Exclusive ‘Hostiles’ Clip Goes Behind-the-Scenes of the Grim Revisionist Western

In anticipation of the Blu-ray and digital release of Scott Cooper‘s brutal Western Hostiles, we have an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip that looks at the film’s harsh landscapes. See the Hostiles clip below. Hostiles didn’t make much of