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March 13, 2018

Jesse Eisenberg Talks Lex Luthor’s Future, #MeToo, And Woody Allen

Jesse Eisenberg will never be called an “easy interview.” For years, the actor has made the news, whether he likes it or not, for saying things in interviews that could come back to haunt him. From awkward answers to equating Comic-Con to a “genocide,” Eisenberg is no stranger to the blunt or inappropriate answer. But hey, that just makes every interview more fun, right?

Eisenberg is currently at SXSW, promoting the documentary “The World Before Your Feet” which he produced, and was asked by Variety about various topics, including his future in the DC superhero universe, the #MeToo movement, and Woody Allen.

For those who enjoy his Max Landis-meets-Mark Zuckerberg take on Lex Luthor, the actor would love to be included in future WB/DC productions. Eisenberg just doesn’t know if that will happen. “I hope so. I mean, I have no idea is the truth. I love playing the character. Probably in terms of movie acting, it’s the most enjoyable character I’ve had the opportunity to play. So I would love to do it again,” he said.

Eisenberg’s role in future DC films came into question when it was rumored that the actor was cut out of more scenes in last year’s “Justice League.” He refutes that claim, saying it was always going to be an after-credits scene, and in fact “they added some stuff” to his role. So, with the DC film universe seemingly in limbo, not even Eisenberg is sure if he’ll show up again.

Then, as with every recent interview of a Hollywood figure, Eisenberg was asked about his thoughts on the #MeToo movement that is flipping the industry on its head. “Over the last three years, I volunteered and raised $1 million for a domestic violence shelter that my mother-in-law has run…Like everybody else, I was incredibly shocked by how pervasive [sexual harassment and assault are] in an industry that I usually think of as progressive, open-minded, eager to give opportunities to those who are less fortunate. I’m really happy this is finally becoming a public discussion. It’s obviously way too late, but better than never,” he said.

However, when the topic came to Woody Allen, Eisenberg became a little…defensive.

Appearing in the Woody Allen film, “Café Society,” Eisenberg has a personal connection to the filmmaker. While many of Allen’s collaborators have come out against the director, with some going so far as to donate their salaries to worthwhile causes. So, it was completely logical to ask Eisenberg about Allen and donating his salary.

“As I told you, I spent the last three years raising almost $1 million for a domestic violence shelter. So when I think about raising money or awareness for sexual assault or domestic violence, I felt that my best efforts have direct activism with this particular shelter,” said Eisenberg.

Well, okay then. No one is questioning his efforts in the past, but the actor sure sounds like he doesn’t want to talk about Allen. Oh well, it’s definitely not the last time Eisenberg will have an opportunity to speak out.

Finally, ending the interview, Variety asks if Eisenberg will ever produce again. Without mincing words, the actor said, “Not really. I spend my days writing plays and acting in movies. I’m not that interested in producing because when I’m putting on one of my plays, it requires so much of that anyway and I find it exhausting.”

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