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January 10, 2017

David Lynch Shares Clue About Laura Palmer For The New Season Of ‘Twin Peaks’

Yesterday, we finally learned lots of concrete news about the new season of “Twin Peaks” including the premiere date, how many episodes it’ll run, all while learning that it’ll be a limited series event, meaning there are no plans for more (for now). We also learned that Showtime doesn’t plan to launch any traditional trailers for the show, and that secrecy is paramount to the revival of David Lynch‘s show. However, even the director himself couldn’t keep from sharing a clue.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association, Lynch talked about the new series, but also looked back, and noted that in the ’90s when “Twin Peaks” first aired, the questions surrounding Laura Palmer where ones he wanted to leave open.

“What killed ‘Twin Peaks’ originally — who killed Laura Palmer? — was a question that we did not ever really want to answer,” he said. “That Laura Palmer mystery was the goose that laid these little golden eggs. And then at a certain point, we were told we needed to wrap that up and after that, [the show] never really picked up.”

All that being said, she holds the key for the next batch episodes, with Lynch adding, “the story of Laura Palmer’s last seven days is very, very important for this.”

That’ll give fans something to ruminate on in the months ahead. “Twin Peaks” returns on May 21st. [Variety]

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