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November 14, 2017

Danny McBride Says His ‘Halloween’ Will Spin “Alternate Reality” Story

If you think about John Carpenter’s “Halloween,” and try to come up with a list of who you might want to reboot the franchise, odds are Danny McBride wouldn’t be on it. So, it was with shock that fans learned that Danny McBride and director David Gordon Green were chosen to reboot the legendary horror franchise. And if you listen to McBride, he is just as concerned as you are.

“I just hope that we don’t fuck it up and piss people off. This is such a die-hard fan base. You don’t want horror fans being your enemies because they show up at your house with masks on,” said McBride said in an interview with Yahoo Movies.

If there’s one thing to be thankful for, as fans of “Halloween,” it’s the knowledge that comedy actor McBride is actually a massive fan of the first film. “We are diehard fans of ‘Halloween.’ We’re watching all the sequels and where things have taken left turns here and there that maybe bites for fans, and at least trying to deliver what we would have wanted to see. Hopefully that will line up with most fans,” he continues.

No matter what the end result is going to be, McBride must be a damn good pitch man. Before preparing his pitch for Blumhouse, McBride went straight to the source of all things “Halloween,” director John Carpenter, to get his blessing. Then they’re next goal was to get Laurie Strode herself, Jamie Lee Curtis, involved. With that done, McBride and Green figured out where to take the story, and it looks like they’re be creating their own mythology.

“We’re kind of ignoring all the films past the first one,” McBride explained. “It picks up after the first one, but it’s sort of an alternate reality. It’s as if the first Halloween ended in a slightly different way.”

With Carpenter’s blessing, Blumhouse producing, and Jamie Lee Curtis on board to star, it seems like the stars are aligning perfectly for this reboot. Hopefully, whatever McBride and his partner have cooked up will finally give “Halloween” fans a reboot they’re happy about.

“Halloween” is set to release October 19, 2018. You know, in time for…uh, Halloween.

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