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Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrell, ‘Killing of a Sacred Deer’ And A Recording Malfunction

Honestly, I was mortified. I’ve done more phoners than I can recall. There have been times where I spoke with  three well known actors, directors or producers for back to back to back interviews within less than 90 minutes.  I’ve taken phoner interview calls at 7 AM (not my favorite) and at 1 AM (handy […]

Michael Mann Talks New Project ‘Comanche,’ Praises ‘Avatar’

Michael Mann doesn’t put projects in front of the camera, until they’re absolutely ready, but it doesn’t mean he’s some kind of Stanley Kubrick perfectionist. The director still has “Ferrari” brewing, and is at work on the TV series “Hue 1968,” however, there’s a couple more feature film projects cooking on the stove. Stopping in Paris for […]

‘Phantom Thread’ Trailer: Paul Thomas Anderson & Daniel Day-Lewis Get Fashionable

In a world where most good things become over familiar, Daniel Day-Lewis is like a comet that streaks across the sky every five years to shame other actors on their lack of dedication. We haven’t seen Day-Lewis since he won the Oscar for his title role in “Lincoln” and supposedly the upcoming “Phantom Thread” will […]

James Gunn Says He’s Been Warning Women About James Toback For 20 Years

Over the weekend, yet another horrifying story of sexual harassment and assault from Hollywood emerged, in a jaw-dropping LA Times report about director James Toback. More than 30 women went on the record, revealing the filmmaker’s history of approaching women, arranging interviews or auditions with the promise of a potential career, only for those encounters […]

‘Journey’s End’ Trailer: Fear & Courage In The Trenches Of WWI

When it comes to war movies, WWI doesn’t tend to get the same attention as WWII. While “Wonder Woman” marched through the trenches this summer, films set solely about the bloody war end all war have been a bit fewer and far between, but “Journey’s End” certainly makes an impression. READ MORE: Sam Claflin And Paul […]

‘Madea Halloween’ Scares Away ‘The Snowman’ & ‘Geostorm’ [Box Office]

‘Tis the season of Halloween which means a lot of shabby horror and spooky movies tend to scare up money at the box office. It also means it’s time for Tyler Perry to do his critic-proof thing with “Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween.” Perry’s audience is a perennial staple and they turn up […]

What’s So Great About ‘Close Encounters Of The Third Kind’?

You would think the question posed in the title of this piece would be easy to answer. The truth is, there’s a lot to love about Steven Spielberg‘s overshadowed, underrated 1977 science fiction picture. Bookmarked between the years when “Star Wars” and Ridley Scott‘s “Alien” gained wide acclaim in the realm of science fiction cinema, […]

Wong Kar-Wai Talks Amazon Series ‘Tong Wars,’ Drops ‘Gucci’ Movie

Imagine having had as an impeccable a cinematic run as filmmaker Wong Kar-Wai. In the ’90s up through the beginning of the aughts, the Chinese auteur delivered, “As Tears Go By,” “Chungking Express,” “The Days Of Being Wild,” “Ashes Of Time,” “Fallen Angels,” “Happy Together,” and, the peak of it all, “In the Mood For Love.” […]

Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘Phantom Thread’: A New, Detailed Synopsis Revealed

Is there a obsessive cinephiles are looking forward to more this holiday season than Paul Thomas Anderson‘s upcoming movie “Phantom Thread“? The answer is, quite obviously, no. Despite the mixed reaction his last movie, “Inherent Vice,” received back in October of 2014, Anderson is still viewed as one of the greatest working filmmakers in the world today.  […]

Miles Teller Returns To Real Life With ‘Only The Brave’ And ‘Thank You For Your Service’

It’s hard to believe it’s only been three years since Miles Teller starred in a Best Picture nominee. From the great heights of “Whiplash” came a startling crash as a year later “Fantastic Four” became something of an albatross around his neck. His co-stars in that misfire seem to be doing O.K., though. Michael B. […]