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‘Outlaw King’: Chris Pine’s Brave Heart Can’t Save David Mackenzie’s Bloody Epic [TIFF Review]

In the introduction to their TIFF opening night selection “Outlaw King,” director David Mackenzie and producer Gillian Berrie made much of its seven-year journey to the screen. That’s a long time to spend on a project, particularly one as presumably complicated and costly as this one, so one does wonder at what point it became […]

Kevin Feige Explains The Delay For Female-Led Marvel Films And Promises “Many” More In “Near Future”

With the release of “Captain Marvel,” Kevin Feige and the folks over at Marvel Studios are finally doing it. They’re finally releasing a film with a solo female lead. While many will scoff and say “about time!” the fact that it’s finally happening, no matter the delay, is a welcome sight. And in a new […]