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‘Skyscraper’ Trailer: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Goes ‘Die Hard’ But With One Leg

If the new trailer for “Skyscraper” is anything to go by, there’s a real chance that we’ll be looking back on “Rampage” as only the second-silliest Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson blockbuster of 2018. That’s no putdown, mind you. If the upcoming action-disaster film can match the goofy thrills and over-the-top spectacle of Johnson’s “Fast and […]

‘Wildlife’ Trailer: Jake Gyllenhaal & Carey Mulligan’s Marriage Is Falling Apart In Paul Dano’s Directorial Debut

Paul Dano’s directorial debut, “Wildlife,” has been making the rounds with major film festivals in early 2018, premiering at this year’s Sundance and also having a marquee spot during the Cannes Film Festival, recently. Now, IFC is giving the drama a proper release in the US, and we have the first trailer. READ MORE: Carey […]

‘Strange Angel’ Trailer: Jack Reynor Is A Sex Magick Rocket Scientist For Ridley Scott

CBS All Access is known, as of now, as the go-to place for “Star Trek: Discovery” and…ummm… “Big Brother“ live feeds? Okay, so maybe the only reason now to purchase a subscription for All Access is “Star Trek,” but soon there’s another series that you might want to check out on the streaming service – “Strange […]

Donald Glover Describes His Ideal Lando Calrissian ‘Star Wars’ Spin-Off As “‘Frasier’ In Space”

Donald Glover has been having quite the successful few months. While hosting an episode of “Saturday Night Live,” the artist released a powerful new song and video, “This is America.”  Next, Glover is traveling the galaxy far, far away in “Solo: A Star Wars Story.” Now, with rumors swirling around that Lando Calrissian is one of the characters […]

Michelle Williams To Star In Abortion Drama ‘This Is Jane’ From Director Kimberly Peirce

“Pregnant? Don’t want to be? Call Jane.” Before the Supreme Court voted to legalize abortion with ‘Roe vs. Wade’ in 1973, abortions were being conducted illegally all over the country resulting in injuries or death. Luckily, for those who didn’t want to be pregnant in Chicago, there was an underground feminist abortion service going by the name Jane. And […]

‘Deadpool 2’ Director Confirms Extended Cut Is On The Way With More Domino

“Deadpool 2” fans are in for a treat. According to the film’s director, there’s an extended version of the film on the horizon. “Deadpool 2” clocks in at just under two hours. Honestly, compared to most superhero films that runtime almost qualifies the “Deadpool 2” as a short film. “Avengers: Infinity War” was a whopping two […]

Barry Levinson To Be Honored At 2018 Karlovy Vary Film Festival

The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival announced on Wednesday that Oscar-winner Barry Levinson will receive the Crystal Globe for Outstanding Artistic Contribution to World Cinema at the 2018 edition of the festival which begins next month. Richard Linklater and Austin Film Festival to be celebrated at Karlovy Vary Levinson is best known for “Rain Main” […]

Indie Beat Podcast Talks To Film Festival Creative Director Rachel Morgan

Ravenous Indie Beat fans, it’s been a minute, but the wait is now over. On this episode, we spoke to Rachel Morgan, creative director for the Sidewalk Film Festival in Birmingham, Alabama. Morgan started out as a volunteer at the festival, splitting her time screening submissions and canvassing for the event while also producing industry […]

Damon Lindelof Begs Fans To Give His “Remixed” ‘Watchmen’ Adaptation A Shot

There are novels throughout time that are deemed “unfilmable.” Works that are so detailed, so intricate, and so unique that attempting to adapt them would defeat the purpose and always come off as inferior, no matter what. For comic book fans, errr Graphic Novel Aficionados, the story that has always been seen as unfilmable is […]

‘Custody’ Trailer: Parents Battle For Their Child In This Amazing Thriller From Director Xavier Legrand

You wouldn’t imagine a film about a topic like a divorce and custody issues would be a pulse-pounding thriller. But as you see in the first trailer for Xavier Legrand’s feature film directorial debut, “Custody,” the dissolution of a family unit is as intense as any other film you’ll see all year. “Custody” tells the […]