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First Look: Peter Dinklage & Jamie Dornan In ‘My Dinner With Hervé’

Sometimes, persistence pays off, and director Sacha Gervasi‘s (“Anvil: The Story Of Anvil,” “Hitchcock“) and star Peter Dinklage never gave up on My Dinner With Hervé.” The project has been in the works for years, but this year saw the stars align and the movie get in front of cameras, with Jamie Dornan joining the cast. And […]

‘Valerian’ Director Luc Besson Explains Why France’s Most Expensive Film Ever Isn’t Much Risk For The Studio

When Christopher Nolan‘s “Dunkirk” opens next month, it’s going to have some competition from another movie offering plenty of big screen spectacle: “Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets.” Luc Besson‘s big, sci-fi flick is the most expensive to have ever been made in France, with a a final price tag of €197.47 million (about $210 million […]

Edgar Wright Reveals Why He Exited ‘Ant-Man’

There are three things I can tell you before you going to see “Baby Driver” next weekend: believe the hype; Edgar Wright directs the shit out of it; and don’t watch the trailers. While it’s not a comeback movie for Wright, it is a massive bounce back after a very public exit from Marvel‘s “Ant-Man.” […]

‘This Is Us’: Mandy Moore Was “Sacred S**tless” About Playing Her Character 30 Years Older [Emmy Interview]

Mandy Moore has made a statement. No, she hasn’t given a political speech or stood up at protest rally (although she is vocal in those areas).  Moore made a statement with her impressive performance as Rebecca Pearson in Dan Fogelman‘s breakout NBC drama “This Is Us.” As Rebecca, Moore not only plays her character in […]

Jean-Claude Van Damme Wanted More Kickboxing In ‘Predator’

Believe it or not, 1987’s “Predator” could have been even more badass. Seriously, even with the already macho team-up of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Bill Duke, and Jesse Ventura, there actually was going to be one more person that would have made it even better – Jean-Claude Van Damme. That’s right, JCVD was actually originally […]

Mark Wahlberg Doesn’t Think Michael Bay Is Going To Quit ‘Transformers’

In the past week both Mark Wahlberg and Michael Bay announced that after this weekend’s “Transformers: The Last Knight,” they were both done with the franchise. However, when it comes to the director, we’ve heard this before. After the past couple of “Transformers” movies, Bay had said he was done smashing robots together, only to […]

‘The Leftovers’ & ‘Fargo’ Star Carrie Coon Joins Steve McQueen’s ‘Widows’

Carrie Coon has made quite a name for herself on the small screen recently. Her roles in “Fargo” and “The Leftovers” are putting her in the Emmy discussion. Now, it seems, she’s ready to make that transition to the big screen, and she’s signed up for her next big film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, […]

Ron Howard Says He’s Going To “Help Deliver On The Promise Of A Han Solo Film”

He may not be the director you want, but Ron Howard is ultimately the director you’re going to get for the untitled Han Solo spinoff film. Following a rocky week which saw Phil Lord and Chris Miller fired from the film for pursuing their more comedic vision of the “Star Wars” movie, Howard will now […]

New Trailer For ‘Columbus’ Finds John Cho & Haley Lu Richardson Doing Some Soul Searching

John Cho has been on edges of being a big name for a while now, possessing the talents and the looks to conceivably have a huge, Hollywood career but never quite landing similar roles as say, his “Star Trek” co-stars. He’s shown throughout the years that his range is big, going from broad comedy in the […]

Phil Lord & Chris Miller’s ‘Han Solo’ Movie Was Too Comedic For Lucasfilm

The fury of speculation and trades working their sources continues to fly in the wake of Phil Lord and Chris Miller being fired from the untitled, Han Solo “Star Wars” spinoff film. Since the news first broke, “creative differences” were said to be the culprint, but rarely does the vision between filmmakers and a studio […]