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Netflix’s ‘The Rain’ Teaser: Stay Dry, Stay Alive In This Danish Post-Apocalyptic Series

“The Rain” is an upcoming Netflix original series about a group of kids facing the post-apocalypse in Denmark. From the looks of its trailer, it’s part “Walking Dead,” part “Stranger Things,” and part any given CW show. Here’s the official synopsis from Netflix: The world as we know it has ended. In Netflix’s post-apocalyptic YA thriller, […]

Josh Trank’s Al Capone Film, ‘Fonzo,’ Starring Tom Hardy Announces Its Full Cast

It’s only been about three years since Josh Trank’s last film, “Fantastic Four,” but honestly it feels like a lifetime since the director has had a new project in development. After a series of unfortunate press clippings about his off-set activities and short-lived collaboration with Lucasfilm, people have been waiting for Josh Trank to have […]

‘Ready Player One’ Crew Sneaks Steven Spielberg Easter Eggs Into Film Against The Director’s Wishes

The upcoming “Ready Player One” looks to break the imaginary record for most Easter Eggs hidden in a film. With everything from “Back to the Future” to “The Iron Giant” being referenced overtly in the film, director Steven Spielberg has gone on record saying that there are even more references to pop culture hidden throughout […]

Drew Barrymore Says Jake Gyllenhaal Is Her Least Talented Co-Star, Adam Sandler Her Most Talented

Here’s a quick quiz: Rank Adam Sandler, Hugh Grant, and Jake Gyllenhaal, from most to least talented. If you’re a sane person, you’d probably rank Jake Gyllenhaal as the most talented, right? If you put him at #2, you better have a damn good reason. And if you actually had the nerve to rank him […]

A ‘Modern Family’ Director Is Apparently The Best Choice To Helm A Courtroom Drama Based On Infamous Hulk Hogan/Gawker Case

The director of sitcoms like “Modern Family” and “Life in Pieces” has just signed on to direct the exact kind of film you’d expect – a gritty courtroom drama. Variety has just reported that Jason Winer, who has directed episodes of the massive sitcom “Modern Family,” is set to helm a courtroom drama based on […]

Marion Cotillard And Charlotte Gainsbourg Elevate ‘Ismael’s Ghosts’ [New Cut Review]

Toward the end of Arnaud Desplechin’s “Ismael’s Ghosts,” an actress character declares that a film director is “all over the film,” and that certainly seems to be the case for Desplechin himself. The personal nature of “Ismael’s Ghosts” is tangible in every frame: Ismael, the film’s protagonist played by Mathieu Amalric, shares Desplechin’s obsessions with […]

Cate Blanchett Says Social Media Shouldn’t Be ‘Judge And Jury’ When Asked About #MeToo And Woody Allen

As we’ve covered previously, actors and actresses that have previously worked with Woody Allen are now being forced to speak out on the sexual assault controversy surrounding the filmmaker. While some have gone on the record to defend the director, many have spoken out about how the allegations about him are enough for them to […]

Vincent Gallo Defends ‘The Brown Bunny,’ Unloads On Roger Ebert, And Wants To Kill 6 Billion People

To say filmmaker Vincent Gallo is a controversial figure in the industry is a vast understatement. As an actor, he appeared in many films. However, it’s his work as a writer-director that really got his name in the conversation. After a successful debut film, “Buffalo ’66,” Hollywood was ready for the emergence of Gallo as a […]

Spike Lee To Offer Online Course On Filmmaking With MasterClass

Unfortunately, most aspiring filmmakers won’t ever get a chance to go to film school. And even those who do get a chance to attend film school, probably won’t get the opportunity to learn from a legend like Spike Lee. Well, that all changes now, thanks to the website MasterClass. MasterClass has just announced that they […]

‘Alt-Right: Age of Rage’ Is An Unsettling, But Familiar, Portrait Of American Extremism [SXSW Review]

Since August of last year, the so-called alt-right has become an unavoidable tumor on the American conscience. In the wake of the Charlottesville protests, where Heather Heyer was killed by a white supremacist who drove his car into a group of counter-protesters, coverage of, and conversation about, the alt-right has grown tenfold. Profiles of the […]