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Crime Goes Backwards In Trailer For Netflix’s ‘Shimmer Lake’ Starring Rainn Wilson & Benjamin Walker

Whichever side of the Netflix debate you’re on, there’s no arguing that sometimes they’re not the greatest advocates of their own original programming. Case in point: “Shimmer Lake.” The movie drops on the service in two weeks, and it’s only now getting a trailer, and something you might’ve only noticed if you were paying attention […]

Here’s Why The Man From Another Place Didn’t Return For The ‘Twin Peaks’ Revival

Last spring, David Lynch offered up fans one major piece of “Twin Peaks” information — the full, 217 names long cast list for the revival. From main roles to cameos, we found out every face we’re going to see across the full eighteen episode return, but there was a key figure missing: Michael J. Anderson aka […]

Léonor Serraille’s ‘Jeune Femme’ Is A Triumphant Feature Debut Full Of Spark & Wit [Cannes Review]

A woman pleads “Open the door!!” in a tiny corridor, banging away with her fist and head. Such is the frenetic opening scene of Léonor Serraille’s “Jeune Femme” — the story of Paula as played by an unforgettable Laetitia Dosch in a star-making turn — and not only is it a fitting metaphor for Paula’s predicament throughout […]

Director Chad Stahelski Talks ‘John Wick 3,’ Promises More Cool Reveals Over Big Budget Setpieces

When it comes to sequels, there’s always a balance between taking the big studio check and running with it, expanding the scope and size of the franchise, or being considered in how the world of the series is expanded. This winter’s “John Wick: Chapter 2” had the right touch of opening up the underground universe […]

Adjust Your Tracking Talks Ridley Scott & ‘Alien: Covenant’ [Podcast]

On this episode of Adjust Your Tracking, Joe and I open the show with brief appreciations for the return of both “Master of None” and “Twin Peaks.” After that, we discuss at length Ridley Scott‘s latest entry in his “Alien” prequel series, “Alien: Covenant.” Even though the film underwhelmed at the box office, and received […]

The 20 Best Brad Pitt Movies

Netflix has had no difficulty (thanks to their pots and pots of cash) in attracting big names to the streaming service. They convinced Kevin Spacey and David Fincher to enter the TV world, they’ve virtually monopolized the stand-up comedy circuit, and they’ve made two deals with Adam Sandler to make a total of eight movies. […]

Cannes: Netflix & Yorgos Lanthimos Lead The Buzz On The Croisette

While “Twin Peaks” may be stealing some of the Cannes Film Festival’s spotlight since this weekend’s premiere of the new season (the first two episodes of the series screen this week), there’s still lots of talk swirling around the most prestigious film festival in the world. And no, we don’t mean the walking-talking-dancing-robot installation that’s been […]

The Great War Arrives In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Trailer

“Game Of Thrones” left its fans with a longer wait between seasons than usual, with the series returning this summer after wrapping up its previous season in June of last year. And with the announcement that HBO could expand George R.R. Martin’s universe with four potential spinoffs, anticipation for season 7 of the massive hit […]

FX’s ‘The Strain’ Heads Toward The Sunset In The First Trailer For The Final Season

That pesky vampire epidemic is finally coming to an end. “The Strain,” FX’s adaptation of the book trilogy of the same name executive-produced by Carlton Cuse and authors Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, returns for its fourth and final season this summer. Always intended for a short-lived run, the show follows Dr. Goodweather (Corey Stoll) […]

‘Charlie’s Angels’ Getting Another Big Screen Reboot

As this weekend’s “Baywatch” proves, studios are more eager to turn whatever intellectual property they have on hand into a movie, rather than try bring something original to the big screen. The working theory is that it’s easier and cheaper to sell audiences on something they already kinda know, rather than getting them interested in something […]