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Recent Posts in ‘The Film Stage’

‘Hannah Takes the Stairs’ and the Coalescence of Mumblecore

Looking back on this still-young century makes clear that 2007 was a major time for cinematic happenings — and, on the basis of this retrospective, one we’re not quite through with ten years on. One’s mind might quickly flash to a few big titles that will be represented, but it is the plurality of both […]

The 100 Greatest Comedies of All-Time, According to BBC’s Critics Poll

After polling critics from around the world for the greatest American films of all-time, BBC has now forged ahead in the attempt to get a consensus on the best comedies of all-time. After polling 253 film critics, including 118 women and 135 men, from 52 countries and six continents a simple, the list of the […]

Dark Mood Woods: A Twin Peaks Podcast – Episode 15

Welcome to Dark Mood Woods: A Twin Peaks Podcast, in which Managing Editor Nick Newman and contributor Ethan Vestby discuss David Lynch’s return to long-form filmmaking. This summer, join us as we offer insight and knowledge only devoted fans can bring, along with the curiosity of what, exactly, has been happening in the Pacific Northwest these […]

NYFF55 Revivals Includes Restored Films By Godard, Hou, Costa, Tarkovsky & More

It’s a given that their Main Slate — the fresh, the recently buzzed-about, the mysterious, the anticipated — will be the New York Film Festival’s primary point of attraction for both media coverage and ticket sales. But while a rather fine lineup is, to these eyes, deserving of such treatment, the festival’s latest Revivals section — i.e. “important […]

First Trailer for Sundance-Winning Documentary ‘Dina’ Captures a Unique Portrait of Love

Winner of the Sundance Grand Jury Prize earlier this year, Dan Sickles and Antonio Santini’s documentary Dina tells a love story of a unique stripe. The film follows Dina Buno, a 49-year-old living on disability, suffering from a neurological disorder, and her courtship with Scott Levin, a Walmart greeter with Asperger syndrome. Featuring a score by Michael […]

Coming-of-Age Meets Slow-Burning Horror in U.S. Trailer for ‘Kill Me Please’

After stopping by festivals such as SXSW, Venice, and New Directors/New Films, Anita Rocha da Silveira’s Kill Me Please will finally be hitting U.S. theaters next month. The Brazilian coming-of-age meets slow-burning horror film follows a group of high school girls who start to become obsessed with the victims of recent murders in their area. Ahead of […]

Enter George Clooney’s ‘Suburbicon’ in New Trailer

The fall is quickly approaching, which means it’s nearly festival time and one of the most high-profile premieres is a new collaboration between George Clooney and the Coens. Suburbicon, directed by Clooney and scripted by his Hail, Caesar! directors, is a darkly comedic 50s-set film that stars Matt Damon, Julianne Moore, Noah Jupe, and Oscar Isaac. Along […]

The Film Stage Show Ep. 259 – Logan Lucky

Welcome, one and all, to the latest installment of The Film Stage Show! Today Michael Snydel, Bill Graham, and I discuss Steven Soderbergh‘s return to film, Logan Lucky, starring Channing Tatum and Adam Driver. Subscribe on iTunes or see below to stream download (right-click and save as…). (Also, don’t be scared but we have a new Patreon page! Read up […]

Elle Fanning Comes to Earth in First Trailer for ‘How to Talk to Girls at Parties’

The combination of the return of writer-director John Cameron Mitchell, author Neil Gaiman, and a cast featuring Elle Fanning, Alex Sharp, Nicole Kidman, and Ruth Wilson made How to Talk to Girls at Parties one of our most-anticipated of Cannes. Unfortunately the story following an alien who comes down to Earth and joins the punk scene […]

Juliette Binoche Lets ‘Bright Sunshine In’ with First Trailer for Claire Denis’ New Film

Although our focus on Claire Denis veers towards her about-to-shoot sci-fi picture High Life, I can’t wait for Bright Sunshine In, a Juliette Binoche-led romantic comedy (?!) that she’s said to have quickly assembled when the Robert Pattinson vehicle didn’t initially take off as planned. Rather than some tossed-off bit of business, though, we’ve apparently been handed one of […]