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Recent Posts in ‘The Film Stage’

Ang Lee to Direct Clone Assassin Thriller ‘Gemini Man’

Riding off the success of Life of Pi, Ang Lee was able to explore his predilection for technology with Bill Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, and while that high frame-rate experiment didn’t connect with audiences, it thankfully hasn’t take long for another project to get off the ground. According to THR, he’s in talks to direct the action […]

Locarno in L.A. Review: ‘Dark Skull’ Demonstrates Chilling Formal Assurance

Locarno in L.A. ReviewIndependent; 80 minutes Director: Kiro Russo Written by Daniel Schindel on April 24, 2017  Independent films about inveterate fuckups are nearly pervasive enough to count as some sort of disease, but Dark Skull is less concerned with presenting its viewers with a fuckup than it is with putting them inside one’s head. […]

Locarno in L.A. Review: ‘The Challenge’ Examines the Absurdity of High-Class Falconry

Locarno in L.A. ReviewIndependent; 69 minutes Director: Yuri Ancarani Written by Daniel Schindel on April 24, 2017  Falconry is a proud tradition, millennia old, that is part of the common heritage of many cultures spanning multiple continents. The practice was originally developed for the hunt, but also lives as a sport. But that transition from […]

Lina Wertmüller on Not Feeling Nostalgic, Capturing the Grotesque, and Her Retrospective

“It can’t always be about money,” says the infatuated Carletto (Nino Bergamini) to the object of his affection, a country-girl-turned-city-woman named Adelina (Sara Rapisarda) who rejects his marriage proposal because they haven’t yet reached the economic level she desires. In All Screwed Up, Adelina’s refusal to marry a man because of his position, and his […]

The Film Stage Show Ep. 237 – Colossal

Welcome, one and all, to the newest episode of The Film Stage Show! This week, I am joined by Michael Snydel and Bill Graham to discuss the new film from writer/director Nacho Vigalondo, Colossal, starring Anne Hathaway. Subscribe on iTunes or see below to stream download (right-click and save as…). M4A: The Film Stage Show Ep. 237 – Colossal 00:00 […]

Tribeca Review: ‘The Trip to Spain’ is a Wholehearted, Hilarious Excursion

Tribeca 2017 ReviewIFC Films; 110 minutes Director: Michael Winterbottom Written by Jordan Raup on April 23, 2017  Averting the bigger is better approach that plagues most franchises, The Trip series is attuned to life’s simple pleasures: cuisine, comedy, and companionship. For Michael Winterbottom, Steve Coogan, and Rob Brydon, their third outing, The Trip to Spain, […]

Tribeca Review: ‘Tilt’ is an Intriguing, But Heavy-Handed Psychological Thriller

Tribeca 2017 ReviewIndependent; 99 minutes Director: Kasra Farahani Written by Jared Mobarak on April 23, 2017  If only we could go back to the days when mid-life crises happened at fifty-years old and at best meant buying an expensive car (at worst asking for divorce to marry younger). Now this existential breakdown occurs much earlier […]

Steve McQueen’s ‘Widows’ and Steven Spielberg’s Next Film Get Release Dates

Someone at 20th Century Fox should be getting some overtime pay as this Saturday they’ve revealed a whole host of new release dates. If one cuts through the white noise that are the sequels to Avatar and Deadpool, as well as X-Men spin-offs, there’s a few prominent additions to the their schedule. First up, Steve McQueen will […]

Tribeca Review: ‘The Endless’ is an Intuitive, Genre-Bending Thriller

Tribeca 2017 ReviewIndependent; 112 minutes Director: Aaron Moorhead & Justin Benson Written by Jared Mobarak on April 22, 2017  To resolve is to settle, finding the determination to do something rather than simply wait for something to happen to you. A resolution isn’t therefore a firm ending. On the contrary, it serves to provide beginnings. […]

Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Robert De Niro Circle ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’

Martin Scorsese‘s long-awaited reunion with Robert De Niro will finally happen with The Irishman; and with The Devil in the White City seemingly on the backburner, we’ve been wondering if Leonardo DiCaprio would reunite with his Wolf of Wall Street director. It now looks like a project is in the works that may bring all three of […]