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Recent Posts in ‘Slash Film’

‘The Commuter’ Trailer: Liam Neeson Runs Into Train Trouble

You don’t know the train commute from hell until you’ve been blackmailed into identifying a hidden passenger who is being targeted by an elaborate criminal conspiracy. So, thank goodness that it’s Liam Neeson at the center of The Commuter trailer, and not you. Because you can always count on Liam Neeson to do what he does best, […]

‘Stranger Things 2’ Early Buzz and Clip: We Can All Breathe a Sigh of Relief

The first season of Netflix’s Stranger Things took everyone by surprise and became an instant phenomenon. But here’s the thing about phenomenons: they’re tough acts to follow. And when a freshman show becomes that big that quickly, there’s always potential for a huge drop-off in quality when season 2 rolls around (cough, True Detective season 2). Thankfully, it sounds like Stranger Things […]

11 Horror Movies that Actually Take Place on Halloween

Family friendly movies set on Halloween are a dime a dozen, but it’s surprisingly difficult to find true horror films that take place on the holiday. Perhaps it’s an effort to avoid comparisons with John Carpenter’s eponymous Halloween masterpiece, or an attempt to escape cliché. Whatever the case, the few that do make use of […]

New ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ TV Spot & Clip: Critical Acclaim and The Grandmaster Take the Spotlight

In under two weeks, fans will get to see what director Taika Waititi has done with Thor: Ragnarok, his first collaboration with Marvel Studios. The early buzz has been high for the movie with a lot of compliments calling it the funniest movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as the best film in […]

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Review: ‘Lethe’ Keeps the Series in the Trenches

This week on Star Trek: Discovery, we got back into Vulcan territory with “Lethe.” Michael (and Tilly and Ash) had to save a stranded Sarek in a remote nebula, thanks to a “logic extremist” (read: Vulcan terrorist) who was against Sarek’s love for humanity. We got some much-needed backstory on Michael and Sarek’s relationship, but […]

Jared Leto Was Almost in ‘Tron Legacy,’ Promises That ‘Tron 3’ is Still Happening

There was a crack in the code for Tron: Legacy, and it was that Tron super fan Jared Leto didn’t get to appear in the sequel to the Disney cult classic. That is, according to Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinksi. But that will all be remedied soon when Tron 3 finally moves along, which has had Leto attached to star for […]

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2 Ordered by CBS

Star Trek: Discovery is boldly going on to its second season. Six episodes into its first season, CBS All Access has officially renewed the Star Trek TV series starring Sonequa Martin-Green. But Trekkies’ long wait for season 1 — which was delayed after showrunner replacements and budget issues — may be repeated come season 2, which executive producer Alex Kurtzman predicts won’t […]

‘Justice League’ Run Time is Shorter Than Expected

Justice League is the shortest DC Extended Universe film yet. The official run time for Warner Bros.’ superhero team-up movie clocks in at 121 minutes. This is two minutes shorter than the previous shortest DC Film, Suicide Squad, which ran 123 minutes. And it’s 50 minutes shorter than the rumored Justice League run time that was bouncing around the […]

‘Phantom Thread’ Trailer: Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day-Lewis Team Up Again

Ten years ago, writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson and actor Daniel Day-Lewis collaborated on There Will Be Blood, an instant masterpiece that may be the single best movie of the 21st century so far. And now, they’re back. The first Phantom Thread trailer is here, offering a look at the reunion between one of the great living […]

‘The Deuce’ Review: ‘Au Reservoir’ is Possibly the Best Episode of the Series Yet

While cops and pimps might rule the Deuce, there’s one thing they’ve got no control over: the passage of time. Once again, The Deuce provides us with a look at the inexorable tides of change, as the sex industry continues to change and New York does, too. Some boats rise, some boats fall, but for […]