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Recent Posts in ‘Slash Film’

Elizabeth Banks to Star In ‘Queen For A Day’, About a Woman Who Won a Date with Prince

Elizabeth Banks is set to bring the true story of Lisa Barber to the big screen in Queen for a Day. In 1986, Barber won a date with Prince – yes, the Prince – via an MTV contest. His Royal Badness swooped into Barber’s home town of Sheridan, Wyoming and whisked her away to a premiere of his […]

‘The Aeronauts’ First Look: Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne Reunite 2,000 Feet in the Sky

Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne shared the screen in 2014’s The Theory of Everything, a quiet biopic about the life of theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. But now the two of them are joining forces again and taking to the skies for Amazon Studios’ The Aeronauts, another true-life story. This one concerns a pilot and a scientist […]

Sony Cut Several Disturbing Scenes From ‘Slender Man’ Before Release

The delayed Slender Man movie finally hit theaters last week, and was met with mostly silence. The film wasn’t screened for critics, and didn’t scare up much box office. Before Slender Man arrived, rumor had it that Sony and the producers were clashing over the content of the fright flick. Now word comes that Sony snipped several […]

Wes Anderson’s Next Movie is Apparently a Musical Set in 1940s France

Following this year’s middling (and arguably problematic) Isle of Dogs, writer/director Wes Anderson is looking to ratchet up the whimsy for his newest project and tackle something he’s never done before: a full-fledged musical. A new report indicates that Anderson’s upcoming film, which is still untitled, is going to be a musical that takes place […]

‘Next Gen’ Trailer: What If Netflix Remade ‘WALL-E’?

Take a dash of WALL-E, a smidgen of Big Hero Six, and a pinch of The Iron Giant, and you get Next Gen. The new animated film from Netflix looks to be borrowing heavily from those titles, and more, but the audience it’s marketed towards probably won’t care, so that’s fine. Watch the Next Gen trailer below. Next Gen Trailer […]

Anthony Mackie is the Latest Actor to Join the Absurdly Good ‘Woman in the Window’ Cast

Oh, to be a fly on the window of the Woman in the Window casting department. Because Joe Wright‘s upcoming drama is looking to have the most stacked cast on this side of Ocean’s 8. Based on the A.J. Finn bestseller of the same name, Woman in the Window already stars Amy Adams, Julianne Moore, and Gary Oldman. And with Anthony Mackie now on […]

‘The Angel’ Trailer: The Middle East’s Most Famous Real-Life Spy Gains His Wings

Ashraf Marwan‘s code name was “The Angel,” and his memoir dubbed him the “The Egyptian Spy Who Saved Israel” — both hugely impressive descriptors that would intimidate anybody. But seeing as Marwan’s actions helped prevent a deadly terrorist attack against Israel, they might just be perfect. Marwan gets the biopic treatment in a film helmed […]

Exploring ‘Blindspotting’ and Its Harrowing, Sobering Portrait of Privilege

When watching Blindspotting, it’s hard to tell that it is the first major film from co-writers/co-stars Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal and the feature directorial debut for director Carlos Lopez Estrada – because it’s just that good. It has rightly received tons of critical acclaim for its portrayal of Oakland, police relations, race relations and even gentrification.  And […]

Steven Spielberg’s ‘Hook’ 4K Blu-ray Release Will Feature 11 Never-Before-Seen Deleted Scenes

I realize it’s popular to crap on Hook, Steven Spielberg‘s 1991 movie that tells the story of what happens to Peter Pan when he becomes an adult. But even if Spielberg himself doesn’t look back on it fondly, the film still has its fair share of supporters – including yours truly – and they may […]

‘BlacKkKlansman’ Star John David Washington on Working With Spike Lee and Those ’70s Costumes [Interview]

John David Washington was just a shocked as you were when he learned about the story of a Black cop infiltrating the KKK. The actor is staring in BlacKkKlansman, directed by Spike Lee, which tells this true story from Ron’s Stallsworth book of the same name. Washington’s energy is palpable, and he brings that energy […]