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Recent Posts in ‘Slash Film’

‘Snowpiercer’ TV Series Trailer: All Aboard! [Comic-Con 2019]

Like the post-apocalyptic train on which its story is set, Snowpiercer has experienced a bit of a bumpy ride on its way to the small screen. Development on a television adaptation of Bong Joon-ho‘s 2014 sci-fi film – which itself was an adaptation of the 1982 French graphic novel Le Transperceneige – first began back in 2015, but […]

Enter the ‘Star Trek’ Universe: Everything We Learned During Today’s Panel [Comic-Con 2019]

It’s a very interesting time to be a Star Trek fan. In addition to Star Trek: Discovery exploring brave new worlds on CBS All Access, several other series are in the works. For longtime fans, the upcoming Star Trek: Picard will offer a check-in with Patrick Stewart’s beloved Starfleet commander decades after the events of […]

‘Westworld III’ is Titled “The New World”, But Does It Really Take Place In The Real World? [Comic-Con 2019]

HBO’s Westworld Comic-Con panel left us with more questions than answers, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. The title for Westworld III was revealed and we learned some new information about the new character being played by Aaron Paul. The panel was moderated by futurist Amy Webb and included series stars Jeffrey Wright, Evan Rachel […]

‘The Expanse’ Season 4 Trailer and Release Date Are Here [Comic-Con 2019]

Fans of the science fiction series The Expanse pulled out all the stops when the Syfy channel cancelled the show last year, and their passion paid off in a big way: after flying a #SaveTheExpanse banner over Amazon headquarters, Amazon Prime Video snatched the show from the jaws of oblivion and renewed it for a fourth […]

‘Westworld’ Season 3 Trailer: Bring Yourself Back Online

Westworld season 2 essentially rebooted the entire show, moving beyond the park and introducing a whole new world for characters to explore. That means you can expect a new experience with Westworld season 3, and a new main character, too – played by Aaron Paul. A new Westworld season 3 trailer arrived during the SDCC panel, and […]

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Trailer: One of Sci-Fi’s Most Beloved Characters Returns [Comic-Con 2019]

William Shatner may be the first Starfleet captain who comes to mind for the general public when Star Trek is mentioned, but for many fans, it’s Sir Patrick Stewart and his character Jean-Luc Picard who beams into their brains when Trek comes up in conversation. Now, nearly two decades after his appearance in 2002’s Star […]

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Will See the Return of Brent Spiner as Data, Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine and More ‘Next Generation’ Veterans [Comic-Con 2019]

A new Star Trek: Picard trailer premiered before a packed Hall H crowd at Comic-Con 2019 and it brought with it a number of massive surprises. In addition to shedding some new light on the still-mysterious plot, it revealed the return of two fan-favorite Star Trek characters: Brent Spiner‘s Commander Data and Jeri Ryan‘s Seven […]

‘Carnival Row’ Introduces a Sprawling Fantasy World Full of Class Struggles [Comic-Con 2019]

Carnival Row has had a long history, languishing in development purgatory before finding a home as an eight-episode fantasy-noir series premiering on Amazon Prime Video next month. “I wrote this script in film school 17 years ago,” show creator and executive producer Travis Beacham explained at San Diego Comic-Con’s Carnival Row panel on Friday. “I did […]

How Kevin Smith and Ben Affleck Wonderfully Reunited for ‘Jay and Silent Bob Reboot’

When the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot trailer arrived this past week, longtime Kevin Smith fans were happy to see that the friendship between the filmmaker and Ben Affleck had been rekindled after years of not speaking to each other. Affleck briefly appeared in the trailer as his Chasing Amy character Holden McNeil, and now […]

‘Watchmen’ Trailer: Who Watches the Watchmen (TV Series)?

Watchmen finds new life on HBO with a series from Damon Lindelof. Rather than make another screen adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’s comic, Lindelof has instead come up with something else – a story set decades after the events of the original comic. We’ve seen bits and pieces of the new Watchmen show for the last […]