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Recent Posts in ‘Screen Rant’

Christopher Reeve Superman & Michael Keaton Batman Costumes Up For Auction

Comic books and movie memorabilia are a big draw for auction houses, with fans willing to pay vast sums to own rare comics, collectibles, and movie props and costumes. Some of the most expensive props ever sold have fetched millions, including the iconic white dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch ($4.6 […]

Supernatural’s Misha Collins to Play Eliot Ness on Timeless

Eliot Ness is a true American aero. As a Prohibition agent, he lead a team known as the Untouchables who are often credited with helping bring about the downfall of gangster Al Capone. He was known for his harsh stances on police corruption and for being incorruptible himself, turning down a huge financial bribe from Capone. […]

Star Wars: Donald Glover Wants To ‘Live Up’ To Lando Expectations

After the first Star Wars spinoff film, Rogue One, became a runaway commercial and critical success, Disney and Lucasfilm are gearing up to start production on the next anthology film, a prequel centered around young Han Solo. In the early going, the cast is shaping up to be one of the movie’s strongest assets. Rising star Alden Ehrenreich […]

Sherlock’s Final Problem: The Biggest Plot Holes

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Sherlock season 4 – Thanks to Sherlock’s three-episode season structure, the acclaimed BBC drama has come and gone in what feels like the blink of an eye. From the ghosts of Mary Watson’s (Amanda Abbington) past to Sherlock’s (Benedict Cumberbatch) own history – with a devilish new villain in between – the […]

Gotham Cast Promises ‘Total Anarchy’ in Season 3.5 Trailer

While Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne might technically be the protagonists of Gotham, the prequel series to Batman is just as much about the various villains. For every story showing how Bruce becomes Batman or how Jim climbs the ranks of the G.C.P.D. to become commissioner, there is another one showing how Oswald Cobblepot, Selina Kyle, and Edward Nygma […]

17 Movies, Comics, And TV Shows That Prove Diversity Works

Hollywood, and entertainment in general, has long suffered from a lack of representation. Over the last few years, however, there have been notable improvements across the entertainment spectrum. Every notable medium, from comics to movies to television have seen some truly impressive markups in diversity, and they have paid off both in sales, box office […]

The Defenders: Mike Colter Teases Luke Cage & Claire Romance

Over the past two years, Marvel and Netflix have redefined the superhero landscape on the small screen. It began with the story of a blind, yet able lawyer who also serves justice on the streets as a vigilante in Daredevil. It was followed by Jessica Jones, a series that focused on the title character dealing with the internal and […]

Attack of the Cyber Octopuses! Trailer is as Awesome as it Sounds

From steampunk to cyberpunk, filmmakers have been infatuated with technology and how it interacts with (or dominates) our lives since the early days of Hollywood. In the beginning, technology was easy to work into a story, as it was nothing more than the imagination of whoever was writing the tale. As technology advanced, so did the […]

John Wick 2 Images Gallery: John is Working Again

John Wick was one of the biggest surprise hits of 2014, revitalizing Keanu Reeves’ career as an action lead and propelling former stunt coordinators turned directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch into the limelight, earning Leitch the enviable job of helming Deadpool 2 in the wake of Tim Miller’s departure. With a budget of just […]

Goldbergs Creator Developing Spinoff Based on Penn Charter Teachers

When The Goldbergs debuted in the fall of 2013, ABC knew they had something special, but they didn’t realize the show would quickly become one of the best sitcoms in their lineup. Created and co-written by Adam F. Goldberg, The Goldbergs is loosely based on his actual family. Most of their interactions, wardrobe and stories […]