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Recent Posts in ‘Screen Rant’

Power Rangers Trailer #2: Zordon Forms a New Team of Rangers

Among the superheroes who will be gracing the big screen in 2017 are the Power Rangers, after decades of having appeared in a variety of TV shows following the breakout success of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series in the early 1990s. The new film, titled simply Power Rangers, is a reboot of the Mighty […]

Marvel’s New Venom Joins the FBI?

[Warning: contains SPOILERS for Venom #3.] After decades of playing the villain, Klyntar symbiote Venom finally got his chance to be the hero after the U.S. Government set up Spider-Man’s high school chum Flash Thompson as Agent Venom. After adventures across the cosmos, including stints in the Secret Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, […]

Taken TV Series Will Be a ‘Modern-Day Origin Story’

The first Taken movie, directed by Pierre Morel, is a bona fide modern action classic. With a simple yet engaging plot, visceral action and a main character that viewers immediately sympathize with, the film harked back to the glory days of straight-forward action romps and established Liam Neeson as someone you seriously wouldn’t want to get […]

A Series of Unfortunate Events Tops Luke Cage Viewership

For many fans, Netflix’s TV show adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events was the adaptation of the books that they’d been waiting to see. Mixing comedy with the same sardonic tone the books were known for, the series is something unique for viewers. Featuring a transformative turn from Neil Patrick Harris as the villainous Count Olaf, […]

A Dog’s Purpose Producer ‘Horrified’ By Video; PETA Calls For Boycott

The phrase is a familiar one to movie lovers: No animals were harmed in the making of this film. There is an unfortunate history of animal abuse and mistreatment in Hollywood, and because of this, protections have been created for the animals who appear on screen. Even bugs are closely watched and looked after. Now, it seems […]

Powerless Extended Trailer Includes Starro, Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet

Like it or not, superheroes have become slowly but surely become a ubiquitous staple of film and television. Following a year when Deadpool and Suicide Squad turned the genre on its head to massive box office success, Powerless hopes to do the same on the television front. Despite being set in a superpowered world, its focus is on […]

Help Guillermo del Toro Begin Hellboy 3 Talks

It isn’t often that filmmakers use their fans to see what movie they’ll make next, or to figure out what lengths they’ll go in order to get a specific project off the ground. For the most part, that sort of wheeling and dealing is done behind closed doors, only to be breathlessly reported on as […]

Harry Potter: 15 Things You Never Knew About Quidditch

Quidditch doesn’t sound like a very aggressive sport. After all, it’s played by a bunch of witches and wizards who use wands for almost everything they do. But Quidditch is probably on par with American football or rugby in terms of how rough and tough it can get, except for the added difficulty of playing […]

The 15 Most WTF Things The Joker Did To Harley Quinn

Being “crazy in love” is one thing, but being crazy and in love is another. For the Joker and Harley Quinn, their relationship is a maelstrom of menace. They are the Bonnie and Clyde of the comics universe, the couple who destroys everything in their path. They are each other’s yin and yang, but however besotted they might seem, only one […]

Powerless Pokes Fun at Batman V Superman; Set on Earth-P

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has continued to expand through film installments as well as television series – both current and upcoming – on ABC, Netflix, and other networks/streaming services, the shared universe model has somewhat limited its reach. Conversely, DC Comics characters inhabit a number of different universes, all technically connected by the multiverse, which […]