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Recent Posts in ‘Screen Rant’

Titans: Geoff Johns Confirms Beast Boy For Live-Action Series

DC Comics entertainment president and chief creative officer Geoff Johns has announced that Beast Boy will be featured in the upcoming Titans TV series. The show will be joining the returning Young Justice as part of DC’s new digital service platform expected to launch next year. Both series are expected to be the flagship programs […]

Guardians of the Galaxy 2: Nebula Was Meant to Die in First Film

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 brings back Karen Gillan as Nebula, but it wasn’t always supposed to be that way. Nebula was one of the main villains of the first Guardians of the Galaxy, pursuing the heroes and battling them throughout the film. The character is expected to share more scenes with her adopted sister Gamora […]

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Getting Funko Pop Figures

Luc Besson earned a place in science fiction back in 1997 with The Fifth Element and recently revisited the genre with Lucy, in 2014. Besson is once more coming back to sci-fi with Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, based on the French comic series Valérian and Laureline, written by Pierre Christin and illustrated by […]

Riverdale Season 2 Will Recast Reggie Mantle

The CW’s Riverdale will recast Reggie Mantle, played by Ross Butler in season 1, ahead of season 2 due to the actor’s scheduling conflicts. With the rookie season of the show drawing to a close, preparation for the series’ second season is already well underway. Based on Archie Comics, the Twin Peaks-meets-teen drama has centered its […]

Adam Sandler & Chris Rock to Star in Netflix’s The Week Of

Netflix has revealed that Adam Sandler will co-star with Chris Rock in The Week Of, the fourth comedy vehicle to come from his Netflix contract. The news hits on the heels of the announcement that Sandler’s Netflix deal was extended to another four films, though the first three were all critically derided, but found an audience. Of the three movies […]

Warner Bros. Building Gotham City & Metropolis Theme Park Attractions

It goes without saying that Batman and Superman are arguably the two most famous superheroes in the world. In fact, they’re arguably two of the most famous fictional characters in modern history, with fans all over the world. However, a superhero isn’t truly complete without a home turf to protect and defend. For The Caped […]

Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot Completed Reshoots While Pregnant

Gal Gadot reveals she was still shooting Wonder Woman while five months pregnant with her daughter. Wonder Woman hits theaters in a little over a month, bringing Diana Prince to the big screen for the first time, and giving Gadot a chance to really shine. The actress made her DCEU debut in last year’s Batman […]

Starlight: Sylvester Stallone Eyed For Mark Millar Comic Adaptation

Twentieth Century Fox is eying Sylvester Stallone to star in an adaptation of Mark Millar’s Starlight, playing an aging intergalactic superhero. Stallone’s first brush with the world of comic book movie adaptations was not a happy one. In 1995 Stallone starred as the title character in a film version of the comic Judge Dredd, and […]

Tom Holland Loves The Bruno Mars Spider-Man Music Video Parody

g u r [embedded content] Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tom Holland is singing the praises of a parody of a Bruno Mars music video that features the webslinger. YouTube, of course, has been a haven for movie fans to toy with their favorite movie characters, whether it be through trailer mashups or shot-for-shot trailer re-enactments with […]

The Flash & Supergirl Get New Posters

The CW releases two new posters for The Flash and Supergirl, teasing upcoming episodes. Both The Flash and Supergirl returned to The CW this week after several weeks of spring hiatus (and Arrow rejoins the channel tomorrow), and fans are looking forward to seeing each show build toward their final season battle over the coming […]