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Recent Posts in ‘Film School Rejects’

The Evolution of Title Slides

From informative to artistic. This is one of the cooler videos I’ve come across in a while, as it traces the creative evolution of filmmaking from a perspective I’ve yet to see in any other video: the title slide. The title slide is the same thing as the title card, and its name pretty much […]

The Tao of Nicolas Cage: ‘Stolen’

Cage re-teams with Simon West. Do they create more magic? “I’m not the squirrel playing with his nuts here.” This week I decided I wanted to check out a newer-ish Cage movie that I hadn’t yet seen. After sifting through the few Cage movies I’ve missed over the last fives years I finally landed on Stolen. Stolen […]

Review — No Bad Deed Goes Unpunished at the ‘House on Willow Street’

O. Henry’s ‘The Ransom of Red Chief’ gets a devilish upgrade. It’s not easy being a kidnapper. Months of planning, a tenuous trust in your cohorts, and a lack of empathy are just the basic requirements, and any slip along the way can lead to missed payouts or jail time. And it only gets worse when […]

Fan Theory Friday: Is RoboCop American Jesus???

Finally, a religion we can all get behind. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: a good man just trying to introduce order to a chaotic world is wrongfully, violently, and publicly executed just for being who he is, only to return from the dead a few days later stronger, smarter, more capable than ever […]

Captain Marvel to Run for President on Amazon’s Dime

Victoria Woodhull is a compelling figure outside of the tagline of her presidential run and one whose complexity has constantly evaded representation in the popular culture. Unlike Susan B. Anthony, whose religious convictions and celibacy have allowed her to become a pacified figure of purity nowadays cited regularly by abortion activists, Woodhull was married twice […]

‘Power Rangers’ is the Pinnacle of the Problem With Hollywood Right Now

Silly nostalgists, ‘Power Rangers’ is for kids. There is a fine line between what is simply not for me and something that is actually objectively awful. For the most part, Power Rangers falls on the former side. I turned 40 this week, so the idea of being too old for anything is admittedly a frustrating personal […]

Martin McDonagh’s New Film Has a Trailer, More Broken Humanity

How McDonagh uses violence as a window into the brokenness of his characters. Prepare your virgin ears. A new Red Band trailer has just dropped for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, the long awaited new film from Irish writer-director Martin McDonagh (In Bruges). The darkly comic, foulmouthed filmmaker hasn’t made a movie since 2012’s Seven […]

A Film About Understanding: ‘2001’ and Ocular Imagery

A supercut of every eye image in Kubrick’s masterpiece. Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey is a film about understanding, both what it means to have that capacity and how that capacity can catapult a species further, both positively and negatively. It is a film about looking at the universe surrounding us with new eyes, […]

I Don’t Know WTF This Is, But I Love and Fear It

Short of the Day Seriously, you have to see ‘Hi, Stranger.’ I’m at a loss for words. This doesn’t happen often, fortunately, but as of this moment I am stymied trying to come up with a way to explain Hi, Stranger that makes any kind of sense. It’s Claymation and three minutes long. It was written […]

The Beauty of Jean Cocteau’s ‘La Belle et la Bête’

To understand Cocteau’s influence on the films succeeding his La Belle et la Bête, it is important to know the origins of the story he adapted. Often believed to have been inspired by the painting of the “man of the woods” Petrus Gonsalvus, who suffered from a condition that made him grow more hair than […]