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Recent Posts in ‘Film School Rejects’

‘The Blackcoat’s Daughter’ Director Osgood Perkins on His Stark and Terrifying Exploration of Loss

Director Osgood Perkins reveals the inspirations behind his latest film and why he prefers storytelling in horror. Late last year, director Osgood Perkins surprised audiences with the release of I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives in the House, which stars Ruth Wilson as Lily, a live-in nurse caring for an elderly writer in a remote […]

Christian Critics vs. ‘A Cure for Wellness’

What can we learn about conservative publications through their film criticism? Christianity and horror films are inextricably linked in my family. For many years, my mother was the Director of Religious Education at our neighborhood’s parish, helping shape the curriculum for the next generation of practicing Catholics. At the same time, she’s also always been […]

An Ingenious Trailer Imagines ‘La La Land’ As Though Directed by David Lynch. Enough Said.

Short of the Day Get your eyes on this immediately. This one came in just a couple of minutes before I was set to file, so it’s a brief write-up, but that’s okay because I personally guarantee you that today’s selection more than speaks for itself. Technically it isn’t a short film, it’s a trailer edit […]

The Fantastic Wes Anderson: The Director and His Influences Side-by-Side

A new video pools inspiration from the world of film, art, and more. For as wholly unique a filmmaker as Wes Anderson is, he’s also, naturally, a ardent admirer of film and of the directors who have come before him, people like Jacques Tati, Alfred Hitchcock, David Lean, and Stanley Kubrick, among others. But it isn’t […]

The Perfect Shots of Oscars 2017

Celebrating the momentary beauty within the best feature films of 2017, according to The Academy. As we’re celebrating Oscar Week, it wouldn’t be right for us not to celebrate some of the cinematic beauty that exists among this year’s nominees. In true FSR fashion, this means a list of Perfect Shots from the major nominees. There’s […]

Martin Scorsese is Headed to Netflix

You shouldn’t despair over the auteur’s move to streaming. Lest you needed another reminder that the world of cinema is shifting beneath our feet, Indiewire reported yesterday that Martin Scorsese’s new mob drama, The Irishman, was acquired by Netflix for $105 million. Great directors have worked for the streaming platform before, but watching cinema’s staunchest […]

Is ‘Arrival’ the Antidote to Bad Movies?

A new video essay from The Nerdwriter makes a compelling argument. Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival is a rare kind of success: it’s a genre film with the heart of a prestige drama built upon spectacle but not dependent upon it. This isn’t Passengers, after all, or anything like most sci-fi- blockbusters, even more contemplative ones like […]

The Black Peril

Enduring the exhaustive insanity of Ken Burns’ ‘Unforgivable Blackness.’ In preparation for this Sunday’s broadcast of the 89th Academy Awards, I have found myself in a punishing marathon to consume as many nominees as humanly possible. Naturally, I had already devoured the films that I had actually wanted to see months ago, but in an […]

6 Filmmaking Tips From the 2017 Oscar Nominees for Best Director

Only one will get the award, but all five give winning advice. Most of this year’s contenders for the Best Achievement in Directing Oscar are new to the category. While some of them have been recognized in the past for screenwriting, Mel Gibson is the only prior directing nominee, and he’s also a winner in this […]

‘Hellboy 3’ is Dead; Long Live ‘Hellboy 3’

Del Toro himself hammered the final nail in the big red guy’s coffin. Ever since about 30 seconds after people finished Guillermo del Toro’s Hellboy II: The Golden Army back in 2008, there’s been speculation on whether or not we would ever get a third installment. In fact, just as recently as a few months ago […]