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Recent Posts in ‘Film School Rejects’

Luc Besson Overdrive

A new Valerian tease and four Perfect Shots with director Luc Besson. This morning’s edition of Opening Credits is a special one. You should know that there are two distinct interests at work here. The first is my own personal interest in the work of Luc Besson, whose films I’ve been into since my first viewing […]

Short of the Day: ‘Closure’ Examines the End of a Love Affair

A look at the end of love. No matter what the circumstances, the end of every relationship is difficult. But it can be argued that the more bombastic or caustic the end of a relationship, the easier it is to deal with. Sure, you’ve been hurt, maybe even egregiously so, but in that hurt there’s […]

The Evolution of Chris Pratt

A video appreciation of the action star we’ve always deserved. Chris Pratt isn’t just the action star we need right now, he’s the action star we’ve always deserved. His characters have down-home charm in equal measure with good-natured braggadocio, they are as strong as they are vulnerable, capable as they are aloof, and dramatic as […]

James Gray’s Radical Classicism

To watch James Gray’s The Lost City of Z is to be transported, in more ways than one, to a bygone time. The film tells the story of British explorer Percy Fawcett, who at the turn of the 20th Century embarked on multiple expeditions to find a fabled civilization in Amazonia. The tale is something […]

One of the Best Superhero Movies Ever Made Hits Blu-ray/DVD This Week

Plus 6 More New Releases to Watch This Week on Blu-ray/DVD! Welcome to this week in home video! Click the title to buy a Blu-ray/DVD from Amazon and help support FSR in the process! Pick of the Week Logan What is it? The mutants are dead, long live the mutants. Why see it? James Mangold took […]

The Moral Conundrum(s) of Woody Allen

“Kant said human reason is troubled by questions that it cannot dismiss, but also cannot answer. Okay, so what are we talking about here? Morality? Choice? The randomness of life? Murder?” – Abe Lucas, Irrational Man Depending on whom one is talking to, the name Woody Allen might provoke either a warm glow of cinematic nostalgia […]

City of Star-Crossed Lovers: ‘La La Land’s Fantasy Versus Reality

A split-screen montage of life and art. At the conclusion of La La Land, Damien Chazelle shows us a rich fantasy sequence that corrects the missed opportunities of the film. It’s a complete refusal of the film’s events until then, one that turns Los Angeles into a dream factory where Mia’s climb to creative success […]

6 Filmmaking Tips from the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Directors

Whatever you think of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise, it’s been directed by some great talents. Fifteen years ago, everyone thought the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie was a joke. Disney was adapting a ride from its theme parks, one involving pirates, which up until were then notorious flop fodder. But it wound up being […]

The ‘Resident Evil’ Franchise Is Already Back From the Dead

Less than two months after the ‘Final Chapter’ hit theaters, producers have already announced plans for a six-film reboot. When Resident Evil: The Final Chapter bowed from theaters on March 31 of this year, audiences said goodbye to one of the odder success stories in recent history. Spanning six movies over fifteen — that’s one-five, folks […]

Start Your Engines: A Montage of Cinematic Driving at Night

More than an action, it’s an emotion. There’s something so cinematic about driving at night. It’s the balance between darkness and light, the encroaching black all around you pierced by the headlight beams, the traffic lights, the streetlights, the glints of neon in the buildings and business you pass. Nightdriving is simultaneously serene and sinister, […]