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Recent Posts in ‘Film School Rejects’

‘Happy New Year, Colin Burstead’ Review: A Violence-Free Ben Wheatley Movie is Born (LFF)

If audiences go to a Ben Wheatley movie expecting anything, it’s violence. Grisly thrills are a given in the cult director’s films – think of High Rise’s opening scene or Free Fire’s whole schtick – but, surprisingly, the only shots fired in his latest film come via the barbed dialogue exchanged between its characters. Still, […]

30 Female Directors Who Would Kill It At Blumhouse

Blumhouse Productions has worked hard to become the go-to horror brand of the decade, pumping out hits like Paranormal Activity, Get Out, The Purge, and Insidious. The adrenaline-spiking logo which introduces each of their films, typically featuring a ghostly chair, a creepy girl, and flickering lights has become synonymous with high-quality scares. One thing the […]

10 Dark Disney Delights

For many kids Disney is a key source of entertainment. With so much Disney content being consumed at a young age the House of Mouse is able to help shape what kids like in the future. I for one, grew up on the Disney Channel and will forever love their Disney Channel Original Movies from […]

The Scariest Horror Movies Available Now on Streaming

We’re in the homestretch heading into the final two weeks before Halloween 2018, and if you’re like us you’re constantly on the lookout for horror movies to watch. (Of course, if you’re really like us that’s also a year-round endeavor.) Physical media is our preferred viewing method, but streaming has become more and more of […]

Digging Into the Eerie Production Design of ‘The Body’ on Hulu

Just in time for the spooky season, Hulu has debuted a unique new anthology series, Into the Dark. We’ve already discussed the ambitious task the series has undertaken — to transform every conceivable holiday into something truly horrifying. The first episode in the series is appropriately Halloween-themed, of course. Titled “The Body,” the hour and […]

What ‘Phantom Thread’ Gets Right About OCD

“Phantom Thread, whatever it is, seems to be an embodiment of Samuel Beckett’s idea that love is a form of lethal glue.” – Errol Morris Phantom Thread is an exquisite period piece set in London in the 1950s that features nuanced and mesmerizing performances from Daniel Day-Lewis as Reynolds Woodcock, Vicky Krieps as Alma Elson, […]

‘Beautiful Boy’ Review: Timothée Chalamet Provides the Hits In This Hit and Miss Addiction Drama (LFF)

Witnessing someone spiral into addiction is abjectly awful, but for a parent watching their child make that descent, the torture must be compounded a hundred-fold. The unique terror of that experience forms the central basis of Felix Van Groeningen’s Beautiful Boy; the true-story drama adapted from two separate memoirs. But while the film draws on […]

10 Movie Vehicles Guaranteed to Kill You Faster Than Carbon Emissions

Motor vehicles can kill us any number of ways. Sure, we can get hit by a car or a plane could crash or a train derail, but that’s passé! Nowadays planes, trains, and automobiles can kill you uniquely: through climate change. But don’t you miss the good ‘ol days when cars would just casually plow […]

6 Filmmaking Tips From Marielle Heller

Marielle Heller did not intend to be a film director. After studying theater at UCLA and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, she acted on stage and in a handful of film and TV roles before moving behind the camera. Her journey to directing movies is fundamentally linked to the film that marked her directorial […]

Everything You Need to Know Before You Watch ‘Halloween’

It’s been 40 years since John Carpenter unleashed The Shape, Michael Myers, on terrified audiences and paved the way for a golden age of American slasher films. In that time, we’ve been treated to a slew of sequels and even a reboot series courtesy of Rob Zombie. However, no outing for one of the most […]