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Recent Posts in ‘Film School Rejects’

Richard Bates Jr. Says We’re All Targets in ‘Tone-Deaf’

The world sucks. You know, I know it. What we can’t agree upon is why the world sucks. Old vs. young. Right vs. left. Baby boomer vs. millennial. Robert Patrick vs. Amanda Crew. The latest horror from writer/director Richard Bates Jr, Tone-Deaf, pits these sides against each other in vicious combat. The result is a […]

We Visited Laika Studios and Found That ‘Missing Link’ is a Warm Adventure of Acceptance

We offer you a glimpse at a legendary creature, lost in time. Neither ape nor man, but a giant. He wears his heart not on his sleeve but his face. His grin stretches the entire width of his figure-eight-shaped head surrounded by a ball of bright orange mixed fur. His eyes hang at the top, […]

A New ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Trailer is Here and We Like This One

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is kaput. We’ve had a year to contemplate the great dusting, and while we never doubted the return of blockbuster characters like Black Panther and Spider-Man, we also fear what their resurrection will cost the others. Avengers: Endgame could serve as a grand going-out party for Captain America and Iron Man. […]

Watch ‘Triple Frontier,’ Then Watch These Movies

After disappointing at the box office with his phenomenally underrated 2014 drama A Most Violent Year, J.C. Chandor finally returns with a Netflix movie that will likely be seen by more viewers than watched all three of his previous efforts combined. Like the story it tells, Triple Frontier is full of problems, the men involved […]

‘Aladdin’ Trailer Breakdown: A Slightly New World

Disney has an interesting balancing act on its hands with their recent live-action remakes as they attempt to assuage the modern taste for nostalgia while also appeasing a modern audience. Although nostalgia has lately been proven to appeal to the box office, some aspects of Disney’s animated classics will probably not have aged as well. […]

100 Great Movies By Women Directors That You Can Stream Right Now

Is there any better way for a film lover to celebrate Women’s History Month–or any other time of year, really–than by watching movies made by diverse and talented women? Despite historically facing problems with funding and distribution that kept much of their work from reaching wide audiences (for more information, read the research done as […]

Talking Westerns and Perfect Shots with Vincent D’Onofrio

In Vincent D’Onofrio’s latest film, The Kid, the actor-director weaves the classic western tale of gunfighter Billy the Kid (Dane DeHaan) and lawman Pat Garrett (Ethan Hawke), with the fictional coming-of-age story of the young Rio (Jake Schur). When Rio kills his violent father, he must go on the run with his older sister, Sara (Leila […]

Robert Rodriguez Has Returned to His Rebellious Roots

Hot of the heels of directing Alita: Battle Angel, the best Hollywood manga adaptation to date, Robert Rodriguez is already back at work. Well, technically, he was moonlighting as a micro-budget horror filmmaker while he was making the James Cameron-produced blockbuster. Basically, he’s finally just getting around to promoting that side project while Alita is […]

Watch ‘Captain Marvel,’ Then Watch These Movies

You won’t find Terminator 2: Judgment Day on this week’s list of Movies to Watch After… despite the sequel being one of the most referenced in interviews as an influence on Captain Marvel. That 1991 sci-fi action blockbuster seems to be a major influence on every other big tentpole these days. I’ve recommended it before. […]

What ‘Captain Marvel’ Means for ‘Avengers: Endgame’

Without our cynical understanding that capitalism demands the return of intellectual properties like Spider-Man and Black Panther, the climax of Avengers: Infinity War left its audience feeling pretty hopeless. A big reason so much conversation swarmed around the great dusting of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the absurd notion that Disney would allow the death of T’Challa […]