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‘The Ritual’: Let’s Talk About That Insane Movie Monster

SHARE TWEET 0 Mega spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched The Ritual on Netflix yet. Sometimes, the most memorable part of a horror movie is its monster. Even if the acting isn’t up to snuff, the plot is something you’ve seen before, and the characters make some bonehead decisions, a good movie monster can salvage an otherwise […]

‘Apple & Onion’ Review: An Uplifting Musical Medley of Food and Friendships

SHARE TWEET 0 If you’re looking for a very cute animated series with musical moments and super-positive displays of friendship, look no further than Cartoon Network’s new show, Apple & Onion. The series, which arrives tonight on the network and will enjoy a special limited five-week run, hails from creator/artist George Gendi (The Amazing World of Gumball, Sanjay […]

‘Annihilation’ Review: Stunning Sci-Fi Psychedelia

SHARE TWEET 0 Alex Garland is hands down one of the most exciting voices we have working in science fiction. After the years he spent turning out first-rate speculative scripts, both original concepts like 28 Days Later and adaptations like Never Let Me Go, Garland made his directorial debut with the tight, contained A.I. masterpiece […]

‘Barry’: Bill Hader Juggles Two Very Different Careers in Full Trailer for New HBO Series

SHARE TWEET 0 HBO has released a new, full-length trailer for Barry, further revealing the highly anticipated new comedy series. The show hails from SNL alum Bill Hader, who, after leaving SNL, pitched HBO on doing a series about a hitman who finds his passion in acting, and subsequently tries to balance a life between the two worlds. Hader teamed up with Silicon […]

‘Thoroughbreds’ Clip: Anya Taylor-Joy & Olivia Cooke Talk Manufactured Emotions

SHARE TWEET 0 Focus Features has released a new clip for the upcoming dark comedy Thoroughbreds, and it continues to look delightfully twisted. Written and directed by Corey Finley, marking his directorial debut, the film stars Olivia Cooke (Bates Motel) and Anya Taylor-Joy (Split) as childhood friends who reconnect in suburban Connecticut, bonding over one another’s destructive tendencies. One has contempt for her […]

‘The Looming Tower’ Review: The Hunt for Osama bin Laden as a Dry, Bureaucratic Boondoggle

SHARE TWEET 0 Amongst a handful of other distinctions, Hulu’s The Looming Tower sees executive producer Alex Gibney teaming up with writer Lawrence Wright, the man who penned the source material for Gibney’s excellent HBO documentary, Going Clear, about the cult of Scientology. That alone would serve as a hook for fans of either of […]

Marvel Studios Is Finally Creating Memorable Scores by Going Ambitious

SHARE TWEET 0 Marvel Studios is arguably the most successful movie studio at the moment when it comes to a ratio of hits and misses. All of their films are commercial hits, and nearly all of them receive at least warm reviews, save for a Thor: The Dark World here or The Incredible Hulk there. […]

‘Annihilation’ Explained: Unpacking Alex Garland’s Brilliant, Trippy Sci-Fi Horror Film

SHARE TWEET 0 Spoilers ahead for Annihilation. Movies are not mystery boxes. There is no “answer” because art isn’t a game or a puzzle to be solved. It’s subjective, so it’s open to interpretation. Great art invites interpretation, not by being needlessly obtuse, but by encouraging the viewers to explore certain ideas and concepts that […]

Best Original Song Nominees to Perform at This Year’s Oscars

SHARE TWEET 0 The nominees for Best Original Song should always perform because it’s a nice way to break up the evening and add a little theatricality into a night that can be fairly staid and the biggest thing that happens is the host passing out food to the biggest celebrities. This year’s nominees are […]

‘Mute’ Review: Three Twisted Tales of Alienation

SHARE TWEET 0 A quick tip for watching Duncan Jones’ new movie, Mute: don’t look at it as a traditional noir story about a mute bartender trying to find out what happened to his girlfriend. Jones’ sci-fi film functions much better as an anthology with three leads. One lead is the mute bartender, but another […]