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‘Moonlight’ Director Barry Jenkins’ TV Series ‘Underground Railroad’ Heading to Amazon

SHARE TWEET 0 In what’s starting to become a familiar phrase, a prestige filmmaker is heading to Amazon to make a TV series. Before his film won the Oscar for Best Picture, Moonlight director Barry Jenkins already settled on his follow-up project: a TV series adaptation of the bestselling Colson Whitehead novel The Underground Railroad. […]

52 ‘Justice League’ Images Reveal the Mother Box, Parademons, Henry Allen, and More!

SHARE TWEET 0 Now that you’ve had a few minutes to recover from the reveal of Zack Snyder‘s new Justice League trailer, let’s take a moment to breathe and dig into just what is revealed in these frames. Of course there are the superheroic scene-stealers, Batman (Ben Affleck), The Flash (Ezra Miller), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Aquaman (Jason […]

‘Stitchers’: YouTube Star Anna Akana To Recur On Season 3

Anna Akana (Miss 2059) is set for a recurring role opposite Emma Ishta and Allison Scagliotti on the upcoming third season of Freeform’s hit drama series Stitchers. She’ll play Amanda, a cool and confident medical examiner who starts working with the Stitchers team, and has an instant spark with Camille (Scagliotti). Her character first appears […]

Final ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Trailer: Major Questions Her Reality

“You’re the first of your kind,” Juliette Binoche‘s Dr. Ouelet tells Scarlett Johansson‘s human-cyborg hybrid, Major, in the final trailer for Ghost in the Shell. We saved you, and now you save others.” But Major finds out that her existence is a lie, and goes rogue against the organization that gave her that cyborg body in […]

Huayi Brothers CEO Eyes Expansion Of STX Entertainment Relationship

With their landmark three-year co-production and distribution deal due to expire in early 2018, the CEO of China’s largest privately held film firm, Huayi Brothers Media Corp, is keen for his company to “renew and deepen” its cooperation with Robert Simonds’ STX Entertainment. Huayi’s James Wang told Bloomberg over the weekend he would like to […]

This Week in Animation: ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Closes Season 3 with Admiral Thrawn’s Attack

In This Week in Animation, I’ll take a look at the previous week in the world of animation in order to get you caught up on everything you might have missed. It’s your one-stop shop for news regarding cartoons, anime, and animated web series. We’re talking movies, TV shows, digital shorts, and everything in between! There’s a lot […]

Conservative PAC TV Spots Prematurely Thank GOP For Defeating Obamacare

Last night, back-patting commercials bought by the right-leaning American Action Network PAC went off as planned, even though Trumpcare didn’t. In a batch of local-market commercials running during CBS’s March Madness games, the PAC ads boasted, “Republicans are keeping their promises, with a new plan for better health care, more choices and lower costs.” Doctors, […]

‘Dig Two Graves’: An Austere Americana Revenge Saga With a Black Magic Twist

SHARE TWEET 0 A bit more of a genre-bent revenge drama than outright horror, Dig Two Graves makes a minimal budget look splendid with beautifully shot, stripped-down woodland revenge saga and a sprinkling of gypsy magic. Director Hunter Adams and cinematographer Eric Madison capture the rugged beauty of southern Illinois’ fertile woodlands, and Adams clearly […]

First Look: Keira Knightley, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Chiwetel Ejiofor & More In ‘Love Actually’ Red Nose Day Sequel

“Love Actually” is a both a rom-com and holiday favorite for many, and for fans who have worn out their DVD, or are wondering what happened to their favorite characters  in the years since, they’re about to find out. It’s Red Nose Day in the U.K., and this evening will be a TV special to […]

15 Worst Episodes Of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead wouldn’t be one of the most watched shows on television if didn’t have a great many entertaining episodes. Starting with the superbly made series premiere, this AMC show has turned out hours upon hours of some of the best binge watching that’s available today. But with a rocky season seven nearing its end, […]