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January 14, 2016

American Horror Story Season 6: What We Know So Far

Though American Horror Story: Hotel started off as a ratings success, the numbers steadily dropped to pretty dismal levels. But FX and Ryan Murphy aren’t going to let a little thing like an audience fallout stop them from bringing a new season of the show to fans later this year. Audiences will return for the season premiere, even if killer clowns and dildo monsters have to be used to round everybody up.

Here is everything that we know so far about what American Horror Story Season 6 will deliver to viewers. Don’t forget to keep checking back, as the page will be updated once more news begins to bleed from the crew and cast. 

american horror story

When Will It Air?

At this point, no one has come forward with any news of when American Horror Story Season 6 will debut on FX. But it doesn’t take a genius researcher to know that the show has debuted in October for the past five years, so that’s undoubtedly when we’re going to see the next one. At least, assuming we don’t get doubled-up seasons.

american horror story

What Will Season 6 Be About?

News of the central subject matter for Season 6, which will likely serve as the yearly subtitle, has not been made public yet. We’re already seen a giant ghost-filled house, an asylum with mutants and a Nazi, a witch-and-voodoo-filled New Orleans, a freak show that attracts killers, and a hotel full of monstrous abominations. Oh, and there were aliens in there, too. So what horror trope or sub-genre can we possibly get this time? Zombies? Werewolves?

For what it’s worth, Ryan Murphy has said that this will be a very different story from Hotel, and one that darker and less opulent. 

american horror story

What Actors Will Be Returning?

No actors have confirmed their involvement in another round of American Horror Story, but given how faithful actors are to Ryan Murphy, we’ll likely see a sizeable selection of them coming back. Murphy reportedly has already asked Lady Gaga to return, and her recent Golden Globe win is probably a reason for Gaga to aim to return. As well, actors like Sarah Paulson, Denis O’Hare and Evan Peters have been there since the beginning, so we’ll likely see them again. Peters should be playing Hotel‘s Mr. March in every upcoming season.

Plus, Hotel has allowed several characters from past seasons to return in awesome ways. So even if an actor doesn’t sign on to be a part of the main cast, the possibility of seeing them in a limited role is always strong. Even Twisty the Clown’s John Carroll Lynch returned to play the clownish serial killer John Wayne Gacy.


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