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17 Mar

‘Wildling’ Review: A Creature Feature About the Fear of Teenage Sexuality [SXSW]

Wildling is Fritz Böhm’s first feature film, and it’s such an assured debut, darkly mystical and elegant. This nighttime fairy tale tells the story of Anna (Bel Powley), a young woman who’s spent much of

‘Ready Player One’ Video Review: Analyzing Steven Spielberg’s Return to Science-Fiction

[embedded content] The review embargo for Steven Spielberg‘s long-awaited Ready Player One has been lifted. Our written review of the film will be up in the coming days but for now, we have Perri Nemiroff

17 Mar

‘Walking Dead’ Season Finale and ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Premiere Will Play In Theaters

The Walking Dead, the show that refuses to die, and its spin-off series Fear the Walking Dead, are coming to the big screen for one night only. The Walking Dead season finale and the Fear the Walking Dead

17 Mar

‘Isle of Dogs’ Featurette: See The Work That Goes Into Creating These Very Good Dogs

Wes Anderson‘s stop-motion Isle of Dogs wasn’t easy to make. A whole team of animators worked obsessively to bring the detailed, animated world of the film to life. A new Isle of Dogs featurette takes you behind

Brett Haley and Nick Offerman Talk Music and ‘Hearts Beat Loud’

The director and the star of Hearts Beat Loud spoke with us about incorporating music into a story and the power of “feel-good” films. Brett Haley and Nick Offerman returned this year to SXSW with their

17 Mar

Duncan Jones on Netflix’s ‘Mute’, Designing a Futurist Noir, and That ‘Moon’ Connection

Once upon a time, Duncan Jones intended Mute to be his feature film debut. An unorthodox mystery set in a future Berlin, the film follows Leo (Alexander Skarsgård), a mute bartender who tears through the city’s

17 Mar

TV Bits: ‘Family Guy’, ‘Sabrina’ ‘Camping’, ‘The Sinner’, ‘Valley of the Boom’, ‘Elvis Presley: The Searcher’

In this edition of TV bits: A sneak-peak at Family Guy‘s limited commercial episode Ross Lynch cast in Netflix’s Sabrina David Tennant joins Lena Dunham‘s new HBO show The Sinner gets a second season Bradley Whitford, Steve

17 Mar

‘Can You Ever Forgive Me?’ Trailer Finds Melissa McCarthy Running a Forgery Scam

Though 2017 saw the release of exactly no movies starring Melissa McCarthy, it’s not like she was taking it easy. Indeed, 2018 will likely see the release of three movies with McCarthy at front-and-center, including

17 Mar

How ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ Celebrates Femininity and Young Womanhood

After seeing A Wrinkle in Time, I was overwhelmed by the fact that this is an entire blockbuster movie that acts as a celebration of women. Even more special and unique is that women of color

17 Mar

Friday Box Office: ‘Tomb Raider’ Takes Early Lead Over ‘Black Panther’

By the end of Friday, Tomb Raider had secured enough of a lead over Black Panther to claim the top spot with a little over $9 million but those who have been following the numbers